Arbor from tree trunks with own hands

Arbor from tree trunks with own hands

Pavilions from tree trunks can be decorated in a variety of styles, taking into account the design of the rest of the premises, as well as the personal preferences of the owner of the site. Let's analyze different variants of arbours, we will allocate their distinctive characteristics.

Asian style

It corresponds to such garden houses, which are made in the Chinese and Japanese interior direction. Between the style there is a significant similarity, therefore some owners of country sites, which do not have experience in interior art, confuse them with each other. The reason for this similarity is that in Japanese architecture there are quite a few elements that are borrowed from Chinese fashion.

Advice! When building a Chinese gazebo, special attention should be paid to the roof. It is considered to be the calling card of this interior direction, makes the summer house recognizable.

For example, the shape of the roof can be chosen in the form of four or six faces, create two tiers for it. As an obligatory element for such a construction, let's select the bent edges at the created roof.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that with the classical decoration the building is decorated with images of fairy dragons, as well as decorative lanterns, supplemented with red brushes.

Japanese architecture

Despite the similarity with Chinese architecture, there is in this interior direction and its distinctive characteristics. For example, there are differences in the design of the building. Japanese culture assumes restraint, straight lines, soft colors, smooth surfaces. Build such pavilions from tree trunks (pictured), then paint in brown, black or dark cherry color.

Attention! Japanese style involves a minimum number of decorative elements.

For example, you can use linen smooth curtains as a decorative element, and select furniture from dark wood by spreading soft pillows on the sofa, similar in color to curtains.

The original arbor from tree trunks with your own hands, Japanese and Chinese variants, useful tips for beginners, you will find all this in the video fragment

Russian and Ukrainian design style

Such options for the design of summer verandas take their origin from the 18th and 17th centuries. They are similar to the way that was typical of the peasants of that time.

The phrase "Ukrainian style" is considered by designers as a version of a white house that has a thatched roof, and next to it is a wattle fence with pots and jars put on it. Professionals working in the "Ukrainian style" try to use these bright and distinctive characteristics of the interior direction for decorating the arbours.

Advice! To create the maximum resemblance to the Ukrainian style, the roof of the arbor is covered with straw. Stalls make of half a log, demonstrating the primitiveness of folk architecture.

Certainly, now some additional details have appeared in this interior direction. For example, instead of heavy logs, plank boards are chosen today, which significantly simplifies the task of builders and designers, besides making the construction itself more light and airy.

Attention! The Ukrainian trend involves "playing around" details. For example, you can stylize a BBQ or a barbecue with a Ukrainian stove, make a real wattle fence around the gazebo, decorating it with several decor elements.

Russian Summer Pergolas

This area includes several different variants of summer buildings. The rustic style assumes the maximum similarity of the summer veranda with a peasant hut. Let's consider its distinctive characteristics a little later, first we will single out the boyar design, which strikes with a variety of beautiful and complex carvings.

For the production of such arbors, a "round" tree or a square bar is selected. Openwork carving is used to decorate fences and pillars.

In addition, the boyar style is appropriate and carved beautiful columns, as well as decorative gaps created under the roof. When decorating the interior space of the room, professionals recommend choosing elements of decor, similar to the Ukrainian direction.

Advice! In the boyar veranda instead of the hearth, you can create an imitation of a real Russian oven.

Furniture is better to choose from boards, adding the image of an old samovar, beautiful pottery, iron.

Rustic design

It is a kind of rustic interior design direction. If Provence originated in France, country appeared in America, then the rustic style does not have a certain "homeland", it is a collective image of a rural way of life.

Provencal direction does not involve the use of bright colors, they should be pale, as if burnt under the scorching rays of a bright summer sun.

Advice! For Provence, as the predominant color, interior professionals choose white.

When choosing furniture for Provence, preference is best given to light wicker furniture made of natural rattan or to products that use art forging, painting all the elements in white.

When selecting textiles for Provence, interior experts recommend choosing beautiful fabrics that have a small floral print. For example, in Provence appropriate linen curtains, soft cushions for furniture, tablecloth. If desired, you can also decorate with floral flower pots, placing curling flowers in them.


Whichever style you choose to design your summer veranda, try to take into account all the distinctive details of the chosen style. For example, for Provence, naturalness and naturalness are valued, and in Chinese pavilions they try to create a luxurious environment. Any interior direction can be "diluted" by mixing several design styles at once

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