Beautiful yard of a private house with your own hands

Beautiful yard of a private house with your own hands

Our house is our fortress. That's where we spend most of the time. But, we are created so that the place in which we live should be beautiful. Man loves comfort, warmth, beauty and originality. Such moments are important not only for interior decoration, but also for the site from the outside.

Agree that the abandoned house, which overgrew weeds, is cluttered with superfluous things and looks untidily to look not so pleasant as to a well-kept, clean and tidy house. We can say that the building itself and the site represent the owner.

To your house was decent, beautiful and spoke about you only good, you need to seriously think about the design of the site. Here you need an individual approach, advice of professionals and some rules that help to execute the correct design of the courtyard of a private house. Let's find out how to make a quality landscape design and transform your home. A visual photo will help you to have an idea of ​​the work.

The main thing - the layout of the site

The private house courtyard is the territory that adjoins your home. She meets not only you, but also other guests and neighbors. The overall impression of the house will depend on its appearance outside. That's why it's so important to get involved in the exterior as soon as possible. And to make it quality, you need to plan your landscape.

But, before doing this, it is important to note that a beautiful design for everyone can be different, because the taste and color, as they say, no comrades. You must understand for yourself, in which, in your opinion, beauty is expressed. There are many factors that influence the choice and preferences:

  1. Some prefer convenience and practicality of the site, while others create a design of the house so as to impress the neighbors.
  2. The way of life also plays a big role. Are you often at home? Or do you come there to spend the night?
  3. Do you have any children? Then the design of the house and the layout will be done so that they have a playground for them, and stay on the site was not traumatic.
  4. Almost the same can be said about pets. If they are, then the layout of the yard will be slightly different.
  5. Do you often invite guests to a barbecue or barbecue? Do you like to relax outside in the summerhouse in the yard?

All these factors play an important role in decorating a courtyard in a private home. If you take into account these nuances, you can speed up the process of work and save money.

It should be noted that the landscape design of the yard directly depends on the size of the plot near the house. The more it is, the more diverse, practical, beautiful and richer it is possible to decorate a house. Here your imagination can not be limited. But with what you need to say goodbye, so it's with the finances. The more you want to do in the yard, the more expensive everything will be.

As for the design of a small courtyard, in this case it is necessary to prioritize the right way, because everything you could want to do on the territory may simply not fit. Here you can not make a big playground with a place for barbecue, rest and flowerbeds. In the photo you can see an approximate plan, from which you can build off when decorating a plot in the yard.

Based on the plan, you need to make a markup on the terrain, where all objects will be located. Among them there is a gazebo, a flower bed, a path, a pond, a patio, rock gardens and other desired buildings. As advised by professionals, the entire site can be broken into squares. In each of them, place one of the key figures (decorative element or structural construction). So everything will look beautiful, organic, not nalyapisto and evenly. This balance in the interior of the site is very important. The photo shows how beautiful and right it is possible to place everything on the site near the house.

Note! Before starting construction work in the yard, check the condition of the site. In the event that you find the accumulation of water, it is important to make drainage. The same applies to wiring communications, especially when placed on a fountain, irrigation system or artificial pond.

Arrangement of paths, steps and flower beds of the yard

Despite its nondescriptness, the garden paths play a very important role in the landscape design of the yard. Not only do they perform a practical function, which is to comfortably and safely move around the site, so even the tracks are able to zonate and decorate the territory in front of the house. What can you do the tracks for the yard? Here are a few options for you to think:

  • made of wood;
  • from flat and large stones;

  • from concrete;
  • from paving slabs, clinker or bricks;
  • from small gravel or pebbles.

The borders themselves can also be different. Here everything depends on your desire and imagination. Some even make them from glass bottles, which looks pretty nice. And if you combine the material for the tracks on the site, you can get a functional and practical coating that will decorate the yard.

You may be surprised, but the geometry in landscape design is very important. Someone, for example, sees harmony and balance in the smooth lines of the courtyard, oval flower beds, round forms of structures and winding paths. And someone prefers a strict and clear design, expressed in straight garden paths, shrubs in the form of a line and in a flat lawn, cut to the ruler. And what for you is the ideal landscape design of the yard? Think about it and put it into practice.

What private house will cost without a flower bed? It brings refinement into the design, dilutes it, decorates and transforms the site. If you need to beautifully decorate your yard, then you can not do without a flower bed. In this case, it is important to plant flowers of not one type, but various ones, so that they succeed each other in bloom, differ in coloring and appearance.

It will not be superfluous to plant perennial plants in the yard, which will bloom all year round. You can plant flowers not only in the ground. For this purpose, pots, pots, boxes near the house, etc. are suitable. You can also make a club in the most diverse way. Here's a photo of one original idea of ​​creating a flowerbed on the site.

In the case when the landscape on the site is hilly, do not rush to take up tools and level it. Such a struggle with nature can be superfluous, it is better to use this feature. For example, you can create beautiful steps on a hill or in the lowlands. Such a decorative design in the courtyard will serve as a focal point and will be able to attract the attention of others.

Fountains, cascades and artificial ponds in the courtyard

If you are allowed to finance, and the territory is quite large, then you can decorate the yard in a special way by placing a fountain or artificial pond on it. Such designs can often be seen in the landscape design of expensive estates or cottages. This trend is inherent in the oriental style, which can not do without natural stones, plants and water. No wonder the Japanese believe that water is the source of life and a symbol of harmony.

Just want to say that the organization of the reservoir on the site - it's not an easy task, but it's worth it. You can not do without the help of professionals in this matter. It is important to choose the correct location, to post the communications and to design everything technologically correct. Look at the photo of how a beautifully small pond fits into the design of the site.

Let there be light

Equally important for the site and lighting. This is a guarantee of your safety. Yes, and with the company to rest in the yard can be longer. Lights can make a big difference in the overall perception of the site. Look at the photo to make sure that the beautiful house can not do without high-quality lighting.

Note! Due to the dot illumination of the yard, you can allocate significant decorative items in the landscape design.

To begin with, you need to consider the functionality of lighting. What is it about? This is the backlight of the building's facade, the backlight of the terrace, gazebos, trains to the garage, the baths and the main entrance. And then you can decorate other elements. As advisers of landscape design advise, the lighting should be placed so that at night the outline of the perimeter of the yard can be clearly seen, as well as the ways of moving along it. That's why some highlight the steps and garden paths.

And where else can I install lights in the yard? Flowerbed, garden sculpture, pond, rock garden, trees or shrubs - all this can be distinguished. As lighting devices, lanterns, lamps, garlands, decorative lamps, etc. are used. What exactly to use and where - decide for yourself.

Advice! In order not to spend a lot of money on electricity, we recommend that you buy modern lighting devices that work from solar energy. For the whole day they will be charged, and at night brightly shining.

Beautiful yard of a private house with your own hands photo.


As you can see, it is not so difficult to make your home and the site to be beautiful. It is important to adhere to the rules, decide on the layout of the yard and implement all your dreams. In addition, you can create a dining area, a recreation area, a children's area, a barbecue, an arbor, etc. All this adorns the yard near the house and makes it functional. Start from the free space in the territory and from your financial capabilities. Then you will have a beautiful house with a courtyard in which you will live even nicer.

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