Brown wallpaper in the interior

Brown wallpaper in the interior

Until recently, in ordinary apartments it was possible to make only standard repairs, today a huge assortment of finishing materials allows you to realize any design ideas. For example, the atmosphere of stability and respectability allows you to create brown wallpaper in the interior. They look spectacular in any style directions, perfectly combined with almost all existing shades, greatly expanding the possibilities of modern design. Knowing about what effect creates the perception of brown color by a person, where it is best to use a wallpaper of a similar shade, which combinations are best combined with each other, it is easy to try to experiment independently with the use of such cloths.

Psychological load

Psychologists say that the color of the walls affects the mood of a person, his psycho-emotional state. Therefore, there is a whole direction in science that studies the psychology of perception of all shades of the palette. Brown wallpaper, according to scientists, contribute to relaxation, they help to concentrate on your feelings and feel the ground under your feet. Independence, respectability, solidity - these are synonyms that perfectly characterize existing associations. Look at the photos, such interiors can be very cozy and home-warm.

The color described refers to a range of dark shades. He, of course, eats space, to compensate for the loss of lightness and airiness helps the reception of a combination of brown wallpaper with other canvases. Which combinations work best in this direction, we'll tell you a little later, but for now, let's designate where it's best to apply such canvases.

Features of the scope of application

Even monochrome brown wallpaper, despite the gloom, have a huge design potential. Today - this is the most fashionable color, so it is very popular. Use all the shades of the color described, you can when you design any room in the apartment. The abundance of options for the implementation of ready-made design projects makes it easy to verify this. Here is a photo of a brown living room. Floral monograms on a dark background, geometric motifs, a variant of combination with other textures allow creating exclusive interiors, very cozy and respectable at the same time.

The brown bedroom is an oasis of peace and tranquility. It allows you to forget about what is happening outside of it, to hide in your harbor, to dive into a magical dream. Independently reproduce something like the interior, depicted in the photo, is not so difficult. The secret of success is the combination of three components of brown wallpaper, white ceilings and wooden furniture.

Why do brown wallpapers work so well in the interior? They can simultaneously perform several functions:

  1. form an accent;
  2. brighten the room, visually expanding the boundaries of the room;
  3. darken the room, forming an atmosphere of complete relaxation.

You can achieve the desired effect by following certain rules. Let's designate the most basic of them:

  • Considering the fact that any shade of brown is a dark color, you can glue such wallpaper in the room if you plan ahead in advance to consider additional lighting. Experienced designers paste brown wallpaper on the walls opposite to the window, while also placing lamps along the entire dark zone. Here's how it looks in the photo.
  • Since dark colors fade faster under the sun, when buying brown wallpaper, you should prefer canvases with a paint rack. This rule will help to choose the best variant of canvases for hallways rooms and kitchens.
  • In order to maintain the dynamics of the interior it is important to learn how to combine brown wallpaper with wallpaper of other lighter shades. It can be shades of the same color palette (cocoa, beige and caramel color). When gluing dark rolls it is important for interior filling to choose light furniture and light textiles. Here's how this rule is implemented in the photo.
  • To design small rooms in the area, you should not choose rolls of dark chestnut or chocolate color. They will visually reduce the already small space.
  • It is not necessary to glue in the room walls with brown wallpaper, on which a large picture is drawn, such cloths are desirable to use to single out one functional area, to create a certain accent.

The listed rules are fairly simple, but their use helps to avoid the occurrence of the most common mistakes.

The combination of brown wallpaper with canvases of other colors

As already mentioned above, brown wallpapers can be combined with canvases of any other colors, any combination has a place to be, but there are already worked out pairs, the harmony of which is checked by the realization of ready-made interiors.

The most popular pair is brown and white. Such a combination is actively used today to create modern styles, it is chosen most often for decorating living rooms. In itself, it does not look boring, but as an accent, designers recommend using objects in a red, pink or blue palette. The next photo in candlesticks is a burgundy candle. They not only do not get out of the general concept, but also add it, distracting attention from the dark wall.

The next pair - the described color and pink tinge - is most often used in the design of bedrooms and living rooms. Thanks to a delicate pink, the dark wallpaper looks softer and more relaxed. And this is another proof of the next photo.

Another pair - brown and green - is used to create interiors that are as close to nature as possible. But in order to make them look more harmonious, you need to dilute the couple with beige or sand tints, as it is shown in the photo.

Extravagant pair - brown and violet - looks quite bright in the interior. The reception of such a combination can be used if desired to create a romantic atmosphere. An example of such a combination can be seen in the following photo.

The phrase "harmonious contrast" is used to describe a pair of the described color with blue or blue hues. At first glance, it is difficult to attach, as in the same interior can merge similar colors. But look at the photo, all three colors set the dynamic dynamics, symbolizing tranquility, given by internal energy and activity. The colors are antagonistic, but look very good in the interior of the bright living room.

The pair - brown and orange too has the right to life. It is ideal for creating oriental interiors and vibrant cuisines. Since both colors are bright and self-sufficient, they need to be used to decorate living rooms and hallways.

A pair of brown and coffee with milk, diluted with gold, looks chic, luxurious and respectable. The photo clearly demonstrates how rich the interior turns out, if it is possible to collect similar colors together.

Note! By combining the wallpaper of the described color with the canvases of other colors, one must also take into account the contrast level of the canvases.

Bright colors help fill the room with energy (this is clearly seen in the photo), but it is not worth using this effect in the bedroom and in the children's room, for obvious reasons. To design rooms intended for recreation, it is best to use light colors (wallpaper cocoa or coffee with milk).

As you can see, do not be afraid to use the wallpaper in the interior of a brown color. With a competent combination, it's easy to create a beautiful design, stylish and elegant room.

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