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Cork wallpaper in the interior

One of the modern trends in interior design is the cork wall decoration. Material for them is extracted from the bark of cork oak. Every 10 years a thin layer of fresh bark is removed from the tree, and then the wallpaper is made from it.

In the production process, no chemical components are used. The crust is ground and applied to a nonwoven or paper substrate by hot pressing. No glue in this case is needed, in the role of it are the natural adhesives of cork oak. Thus, absolutely natural and environmentally friendly coatings are obtained. The final form of this material is in the form of a roll.

In addition to environmental friendliness, cork coatings have a host of other advantages:

  • Thermal insulation properties - as the cork material is permeated with small pores, it keeps the heat well, which will contribute to saving on energy carriers.
  • Soundproofing properties - the porous structure of the cork absorbs sounds well, especially in rooms with thin walls.
  • Moisture resistance - even with high humidity levels, the interior of the cork coatings will not lose sight and fade, they do not have mold or fungus.
  • Steam permeability - the material easily passes steam and has "breathable properties".
  • Beautiful appearance - cork wallpaper is original and harmoniously fit into the interior.
  • Fire resistance - despite the fact that the wallpaper is made of wood material, they are very badly lit and will prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Do not electrify and do not collect dust.
  • Easy to care and wash.
  • Have an equalizing effect - this coating can easily be glued even on uneven surfaces, they have sufficient thickness to hide small irregularities and wall bulges. Thus, you can save money on leveling the walls.

More often on sale are wallpaper without painting, made in its natural form, but there are also materials in which add the color impregnations of gold, brown, milky, as well as shades of gray (see photo).

Important! To remove stains on the cork wallpaper, wipe them with a moistened sponge and vacuum.

Interior decoration options

Cork wallpaper in the interior of any room will look original and interesting. For kitchens on sale there is a material which is processed by special impregnation. It prevents the absorption of wallpaper of various smells, which are abundant in the kitchen. Well with a cork will combine furniture of natural shades, best of all wood. The interior of the kitchen with cork wallpaper is usually performed in the style of classical or country (see photo).

In the children's room, these covers will add tranquility and coziness. Since this material has an environmentally friendly composition, it will not cause allergic reactions in the child. However, the lack of cork for the children's room is that small children can easily damage it.

The cork in the living room will have a relaxed and unhurried, calming effect on the psyche. Natural colors of cork can be combined with brown, brown, green or sand tones (see photo).

Important! Cork wallpaper is not suitable for small apartment interiors.

How to combine a cork with other materials

Although cork wallpaper has many advantages, a purely cork design may seem boring due to monotonous tones. Therefore, designers try to combine them with other finishing materials, while following the following rules:

  • all materials must have a thickness of the same size;
  • in the case where the canvas still differ in thickness, the place of their joining is formed by molding or other details (see photo).

Since the cork coatings are easily cut, they often make patterns that look great on cold shades. More often such patterns are cut out of a material treated with lacquer, which adds beauty and durability to it (see photo).

What to look for in the selection process

The cost of cork wallpaper is quite high, so their choice should be approached especially carefully. It is better to give preference to the coatings produced by a well-known company than to pay twice. Self-respecting manufacturers give a guarantee on their materials, so it is better to look for exactly such products.

In the store rolls should be carefully inspected for defects. If there is at least a small marriage, it is better to refuse the purchase. Also, you do not need to choose the thickest wallpaper, because with increasing thickness, their fragility increases.

The standard width of the cork wallpaper is 90 cm, and their length is usually shorter than that of conventional paper materials. These nuances should be considered when calculating the number of coatings for your premises.

Mounting Features

Cork wallpaper does not like experiments, so if you are unsure that you will cope with pasting the walls yourself, you better entrust the matter to specialists. But there is an alternative - self-adhesive coatings, which even a novice can handle. The cost of such material is higher than normal. In the process of finishing the walls with cork coatings, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules:

  • Do not make any creases, since cork is immediately crumbled in these places;
  • start the editing process as close to the window as possible, and then move away from it;
  • After unfolding the roll, the cork wallpaper should be allowed to lie down for a short time so that no creases form;
  • on the wall should be outlined strictly vertical lines, along which the canvas will join.
Important! The process of installing cork coatings should take place in an absolutely dry room without drafts.

For the installation of cork wallpaper there is a special glue, but for want of it, the usual acrylic or composition for a heavy type of coatings is also suitable. Glue is smeared on a dry and clean wall in an amount calculated on one prepared cloth (see photo). If thick acrylic glue is used, then it is spread over the entire surface of the wall.

Cork covers from different manufacturers can have their finenesses of gluing, which must be described in the attached instructions.

This type of material is glued only butt. Particular attention should be given to corking in the corners: at a small distance from the corner, a vertical line is clearly measured and drawn along which the coverings will be joined; then the canvas is superimposed so that it extends around the corner and its edge is on the drawn vertical. The edges of the coatings that protrude beyond the skirting or the ceiling are neatly cut with scissors so as not to crumble the edge of the fabric.

Cork wallpaper can be glued on most surfaces, even on glass.

Important! If the glue accidentally fell on the decorative side of the cork, wait until it completely dries, and then gently remove it with a sharp object.

Cork wallpaper in the interior give the effect of rapprochement with nature and adjust to relaxation. This solution is also suitable for those who want to stand out as a fashionable and inimitable design.

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