Garage doors, metal, with their own hands

Garage doors, metal, with their own hands

Reliable protection of the car from theft is largely provided by the garage door. The high cost of ready-made copies or non-standard dimensions of the opening forces the owners to show skill and independently undertake the manufacture of garage doors. Despite the variety of designs, most often stop on the option of metal swing gates. How to make a double-edged specimen, let's talk in detail.

Basic stages of manufacturing and requirements for garage gates

The production of metal garage doors goes in several stages, the same in importance. Begin with taking measurements and drawing up a drawing. The scheme is used to calculate the consumption of materials. After the purchase and preparation of the tools go to the stage of the formation of the frame. Then comes the turn of the doors and the assembly of the structure. Installation of iron gates is preceded by the installation of loops. At the final stage, locks are fastened, if necessary, conduct insulation.

The metal gate is a rather complicated construction. In the first place there is a reasonable choice of dimensions, which we will talk about at the stage of drawing up the drawing. In addition to convenient entry, the metal garage doors must also meet other requirements:

  • The selection of locks and material for the flaps takes into account the full protection against burglary.
  • Vertical locks will warn the skew of the metal structure.
  • If, in addition to the car parking lot, the garage serves for other purposes, the presence of a wicket will ensure a comfortable visit to the premises.

Now let's talk about everything in order.

Drawing and selection of materials

The size of the structure is determined based on the dimensions of the machine and the garage itself. In doing so, they are guided by the following recommendations:

  • The minimum gap between the frame and the body of the machine is 0.3 m (on both sides). Increasing the distance contributes to a comfortable ride, a reduction can lead to damage to the car.
  • Traditionally, the width of the iron gate is within 2.5-3.0 m. At the same time, a segment of at least 0.8 m should remain between the frame and the perpendicular wall.
  • The approximate height of the metal garage doors is 2.0-2.2 m, the owner of the minibus is better to provide an opening height of 2.5 m.

An important aspect after drawing up the drawing is the selection of materials for the garage metal structure. The frame can be lined with aluminum or galvanized steel. The first option is more expensive, but the metal garage doors are much easier to obtain. The second method will cost less, the result will be a solid heavy barrier. Always topical is the question, what is the thickness of the metal is optimal for garage doors. For these purposes sheet steel 1.5-3.0 mm is suitable. And the thicker the iron gates, the heavier the overall weight of the structure. Economy and speed of manufacturing is different when the gate made of corrugated board with their own hands.

For a garage frame, a 65 mm thick steel corner is required. The metal framework under the sashes is made of a thinner material, a 50 mm corner or a rectangular profile of similar dimensions. Having a drawing on your hands and identifying with the appropriate materials, it remains to calculate the amount.

Frame manufacturing

Before you make a frame, you need to find the right place to work. The surface of the site should be flat, the area exceeding the dimensions of the metal garage construction by about a meter on each side.

Advice! It is desirable to make a metal frame until the moment when the frontal wall has been erected. Ideally, when the garage wall is equipped with an angle of 0.5 m.

The main stages of the process:

  • The metal frame for the gate consists of two parts - outer and inner. From the metal corner, 8 pieces are cut out: the size of 4 parts is equal to the height of the garage opening, the remaining 4 are the width of the entrance.
  • Initially, the elements are cut with a margin, so that later there is an opportunity to cut the corner.
  • The finished parts of the metal frame for garage doors are laid out on a flat area and the corners are measured. Corner checked compliance 90about.
  • Having convinced of the correctness of the geometrical figure, they begin welding. You can connect the elements of the metal frame in two ways. In the first case, they are superimposed on each other and connected by a welding seam. If the edge is cut off by an angle, the arrangement of the metal parts will be in the same plane. The option is more aesthetic, but less durable, compared to the first method.

If in the process of welding the angle is taken, the lever made of the scraps will help to correct the error. Fixing in the correct position a metal frame for garage doors, in problem areas welded corners. All areas with defects after welding are ground, so that later on the fitting of the metal shutter of the garage doors is as tight as possible.

Assembling the box for the flaps

The garage iron gates consist of two gates. A box for them is prepared slightly smaller than a metal frame. It is important to correctly determine the size so that the structure enters the opening without difficulty and at the same time tightly in contact with the frame. You can make a box from a profile pipe with your own hands or use a steel corner similar to a garage frame. Differences will be in the carrying capacity and complexity of the arrangement process.

The algorithm of actions has some similarity with the manufacture of a garage frame for the gate:

  • The material is cut into 4 racks, the size of which is less than the height of the frame by 10-15 mm. A small gap is formed for easy entry into the opening.
  • Further horizontal elements of the box are prepared in accordance with the width of the garage frame. Based on the fact that the door will be two, the size of the opening is divided in half and take away 30-35 mm for easy movement of the metal gate.
  • All the details are distributed on a flat surface in two rectangles, the corners are carefully measured out.
Advice! Simplify the alignment process will help ready-made garage frame, inside which are placed metal segments.

Then proceed to welding works. The aligned geometry of the wings for the garage doors will be assisted by spacers. The reinforcing element is placed in the center of the frame.


To trim the metal doors of the garage door from the outside, you need sheet steel. Sufficient reliability is provided by a material whose thickness exceeds 2 mm. The main steps of the production process:

  • The sheet is cut into two unequal parts. The height is made 3-4 cm more than the size of the garage opening. The width of one part is less than the horizontal line of the metal frame, divided in half, by 1-2 cm. The second sheet for the garage door leaf is increased by the same size.
  • We pass to welding works. The top and bottom edge of the cloth comes on a metal box of 1.5-2.0 cm on each side (depending on the stock made). On the first leaf the steel sheet does not reach the frame in width, the second sheet is fastened so that it protrudes beyond the boundaries of the metal frame by 4 cm.
  • The next stage in the manufacture of garage doors will be the fastening of reinforced hinges. The lower part of the part is fixed to the frame, the upper element is located on the leaf.
Comment! Strengthen the fastening will help metal strips or pads of reinforcement welded on the hinges.

The location of the garage doors on a flat surface allows you to make a preliminary inspection of the results. If all the elements fit tightly and at the same time are easy to move, you can start to install a metal structure.

Installation of garage doors

Initially, the external and internal frames are being installed. When half a meter of the garage wall is ready, the design is installed in the opening and verifies compliance with horizontal and vertical lines. Then the frames are connected to each other. For this purpose, metal strips about 4 cm in width are suitable, which are fixed with an interval of 0.6 m.

Next is to continue the design of the frontal garage wall. The space between the frames is laid with bricks. For the solid installation of metal frames in the opening, reinforcement rods 25-30 cm long are used. One edge of the parts is welded to the metal frame, and the rest is bricked into bricks. The minimum number of fasteners is 3 copies on each side. The upper part of the frame with the flaps is closed with a metal or concrete beam.

Final touches

Garage doors are recommended to be insulated, this measure helps to reduce heat loss to 60%. It is possible to make metal construction from within in various ways. The epoch of foam is leaving, and polystyrene extruded sheets (EPP) are popular as a heat insulating layer. The material is distributed inside the frame and sewed with a wooden lining or plywood. The choice is determined by the financial position of the garage owner. Cotton materials are not recommended because of the rapid loss of their properties.

The key point of protecting the garage door from hacking is the installation of reliable locks. When buying a castle it will be superfluous to inquire about the availability of a quality certificate. Optimal to equip the gate with a "spider" type lock, its pins diverge in three directions and fix the metal doors not only to each other, but also to the floor and ceiling.

Make the product more attractive appearance, it is enough to treat the surface with decorative material, the paint for garage doors is meant. First, the remnants of welding are removed from the surface, then ground and coated with a coating.

At this event, the creation of the gate can be considered complete. Duration of operation is largely determined by the quality of the selected material and compliance with the technological process.

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