Gas column in the bathroom

Gas column in the bathroom

If there is no hot water in your house, many people use a gas column to warm up the water today. As a rule, it is installed in the kitchen. However, this is not always possible. For this reason, you have to make another decision and install a gas column in the bathroom. In this article we will talk about all the subtleties of this process. Moreover, you will learn about the requirements for the gas column in the bathroom to be installed.

Requirements for a gas column

Installation of a gas column in the bathroom is possible under the following circumstances:

  • In that case, if the selected gas column has automatic shutdown, in case of power failure, any breakage and so on.
  • Provided that the temperature of the heated water reaches no more than 98 degrees Celsius.
  • If the selected gas column in its tooling has a closed combustion chamber.
  • Provided that in the device the pressure does not exceed 1 MPa.

However, there are a number of cases where the installation of a gas column is prohibited. For example, if you can arrange free access to the device will be impossible. You need space for free access. Also, do not install it, if the bathroom is very small and when walking constantly for it all clings. And if the wall is treated with flammable materials, then the installation is completely forbidden. If the arrangement in the gypsum plasterboard niche is envisaged, it is also impossible to install the column without the absence of a recuperation ventilation system.

In order to preserve the beautiful design and interior of the premises, many residents of apartments decide to hide the gas column inside the wall. It is forbidden to do this. Masking can only be done by making a self-made camouflage cabinet of plasterboard.

Important! If a niche is made, it is important that its dimensions significantly exceed the size of the gas column. It should be freely accessible from all sides.

Requirements for the bathroom

If the solution falls on the bathroom, then this room must also meet certain requirements. So, below are important conditions under which you can transfer a gas column to the bathroom:

  • The room should have a window. After all, from time to time the room should be ventilated.
  • The window should have a size based on such landmarks: 1 meter square 0.3 square meters.
  • The ceiling height is 2.2 meters.
  • The total room volume should exceed 15 m3.

If a chimney is to be made, it must not pass through the living rooms. On its entire extent, it should not narrow, but be of equal diameter.

Important! Not all apartments of the old model have such parameters. Therefore, the gas service simply will not give permission for such work. As a consequence, it will be necessary to carry the gas column from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Varieties of the gas column

Now consider the types of gas columns. In appearance, they all practically have the same appearance. Moreover, they are all similar in their principle of action. Differences can be reduced solely to their technical characteristics, which were set by this or that manufacturer. So, let's single out four main characteristics, according to which all water heaters can differ:

  1. Capacity or throughput. This parameter determines how much water the column can pass through itself. Today, you can meet models with a throughput of 6 to 18 liters. If you have a family of four, then it is enough for 12 liters, if less people, then even less.
  2. Burner. This is an important element on which the economy depends, as well as the convenience in the process of its operation. Today, two types of burners are known: constant and modulating. In the first case, the flame can be adjusted independently on the basis of the water pressure. With regard to modulation, they allow to ensure a stable water temperature.
  3. Scorch. This function is also electric or manual. Modern models of gas columns have an electric ignition. But for this it is necessary to bring electricity to the bathroom and install an individual outlet for the gas column.
  4. Additional functions. Another important difference is the bundling. Based on the manufacturer, the column may have a different number of possibilities. First of all, the landmark should be kept in favor of those functions that will ensure safe operation. Given that the installation of equipment will be carried out in the bathroom, this is an important condition.

If for the gas column in the bathroom permission was obtained, then consider some useful tips and requirements. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the future interior. The room with the gas column should look harmonious with other important items of the bathroom. If space allows, it is better to build a niche from gypsum board.

What you need to consider when choosing

Before you go to the store, you need to learn a few important nuances:

  • What kind of energy source will be used. For example, there are electric models. If the choice fell on the gas, then the gas pipeline should be taken to the bathroom.
  • If the room is small, then choose a small column.
  • Degree of operational safety.

Features of the installation

Having familiarized with all requirements, we will consider some features of how to install a gas column in the bathroom. On the photo in the article you can see already installed column, as well as some details of the installation. Plus, in every device the manufacturer provides its recommendations on what standards and requirements should be observed.

Important! Installation and connection of the gas installation should be supervised by specialists. For this work it is necessary to have an appropriate license.

So, the installation process itself looks like this:

  • For the beginning installation of an asbestos pipe is carried out. To do this, a suitable hole must be made in the ceiling or wall. The length of the asbestos tube should be about 1500 mm.
  • After this it is necessary to install the unit itself. On the gas column there must be mounting holes. With their use, you can make markings on the wall. It is important to use the level, otherwise you will not be able to install the unit exactly. As for the height, the adult person should be comfortable to use it.
  • The fastening process is carried out with special hooks with hooks. Under them, holes are drilled in the wall corresponding to the diameter.
  • After the installed column from the device to the chimney, it is necessary to lay a corrugated pipe to remove combustion products.
  • Next, the water heater is connected to the gas. Pay attention to the fact that the pipe should not be in a free "flight". To fix it, you can use a special mounting clip.
  • Next, there is a connection to the water supply. In this case, cold and hot water must be supplied to the gas column.
  • At the final stage, the filter is installed, it can be magnetic and salt.

That's the way the gas column is installed inside the bathroom. The process is very simple. If you follow the above instructions, then you can cope with all the work yourself.

Care and Maintenance Rules

In addition to installation, an important requirement is proper maintenance and operation. So, if there is no traction, then turning on the device is prohibited. It is also unacceptable to operate for minor faults. Only a qualified technician should disassemble and repair the device. In addition, the device should be constantly monitored.

Important! If in the bathroom you have heard the smell of gas, then immediately turn off the unit and call the appropriate specialist.


So, here we are and considered all the features of how to install the gas column in the bathroom. As can be seen, there are a number of important requirements. If they are not respected, then everything can end sadly. Moreover, an important role is played by obtaining permission from the relevant services. If it does not, then it's better not to start rearranging the water heater from the kitchen. I hope this material was useful to you.

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