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How to choose a garage lock

As experience shows, many locks on the garage gate does not happen. Usually at the entrance to the garage is at least one mortise lock on the gate and one hinged on the eyes of the gate. Specialists engaged in locking devices, advise instead of three to use one expensive, but really resistant to breaking and opening the garage lock. It remains a matter of small - to choose a reliable mechanism or to make your own version of an unopened garage lock with your own hands.

Which lock for the garage door to choose

The construction of garage locks is not so much:

  • Hinged garage locks;
  • Mortise or internal locks, most often, row or cylinder;
  • Screw and bolt lock systems.
For your information! In addition, the code and pin locks are also available, the opening of which takes place without a key, but you must know the combination of numbers or the position of the pins on the control discs - screws.

This category of locks has not taken root at the garage door because of weak mechanical strength and reliability. Such locks can be very resistant to the selection of a digital code, they are often quite easy to crack with a conventional mount.

The most reliable and tried-and-tested garage locks

The most persistent and lasting options for a garage lock have long been considered mortise structures. Most often this is dictated by old misconceptions that a hinged or overhead option is easier to open or at least break, drill a secret, cut the lashing eyes. In fact, the hinged or invoiced lock can be no less resistant to shocks or fine manipulation of skeletons, than promoted by the saddle or rack structures.

Padlocks for garage doors

The only drawback of the hinged or hanging lock is the way of closing the garage doors with the help of overhead steel lugs. Often, twisting or cutting off the eyes for the garage lock is easier than hacking the lock mechanism. In addition, such a castle has its advantages:

  1. The body is made of a very strong material, resistant to mechanical damage by thieves' tools, for example, sawing with a hacksaw or squeezing out with a hydraulic stop;
  2. With the correct installation, the lock mechanism does not freeze, unlike the suction systems often suffering from frozen water condensate;
  3. Hinged garage lock is most often installed on a secure scheme. In this case, around the square or cylindrical body is welded the side of the thick metal, protecting the eyes and locking the finger of the mechanism of cutting devices.

For your information! One of the most famous for its durability and reliability of garage overhead locks are devices of the trade mark "Bulat".

Today, more and more often on the hearing of the owners of garages pin lock "Garant Rubezh". According to certification authorities, today it is one of the most resistant pin devices. Using a free finger or a pin to lock the garage doors makes it easy to reformat the lock design, both in a hinged and stationary version.

Mortise and overhead locks

Favorite among the many different designs of internal locks is the "Rigel Reef-1." His mechanism differs from similar structures, first of all, by an unusual way of unlocking. The locking cylinders are unlocked in two consecutive actions. First you need to insert the key and, turning half a turn, unlock the mechanism. Then the key is taken out of the keyhole, it turns over 180about, Re-inserted and opened, as a normal lock mechanism.

Paradoxically, but the fact takes place. The materials of the corpus "Reef" are much weaker than the same "Bulat", but serves, according to the owners of "Rigel Reef-1", much longer, and creates much less inconvenience and problems for users.

Quite a bit inferior in the firmness of the "Reef" is the famous castle castle of the Italian company "Mottura". Nevertheless, the garage - apartment "Mottura", like the "Reef", is referred to the first class of stamina. The price of the Italian miracle-mechanism is 2500 rubles., That in comparison with 1000rub. for "Reef" seems a fair overpayment.

Among the inexpensive models can be mentioned the brand "Avers", produced in St. Petersburg. The distinctive features of the construction include the 8-lever mechanism of the lock. Despite the manufacturers' claims of high resistance to burglary, the certification bodies assign to it only the 2nd class of perseverance. The price of the device does not exceed 1000 rubles.

Among the most successful mechanisms are locks "Kerberos" and "Elbor-Granite 282". Locking cylinders work less clearly, but they will not yield to foreign analogues in strength.

Rack and lock barrel lock

If you need to install a bolt-type lock, choose a design with the stem retracted. In this case, the movement of the deadbolt and the opening of the device occurs when pulling and turning the key. But today such devices are used extremely rarely.

The most popular rack and pinion lock with an open cross-shaped key is the products of the company "Stalf". In addition to a powerful locking cylinder with a four-part secrete, the rack mechanism provides an inversion scheme for the operation of the deadbolt. This means that the garage lock rack can be installed without alterations, both on the left and right doors of the garage doors.

Of particular note are the numerous designs of garage locks with a falling key.

The most famous representative of this type is the garage lock "Crane". The cost of such a garage device is from 4,500 rubles, most often "Crane" in sales is called a garage lock of increased secrecy, but in practice this is just an original mechanism for reverse action.

To open the lock, it is enough to push the double key into the hole of the keyhole, gently bend the turning part. Next, pulling the key on yourself until it stops and turning it clockwise, you will hear a light click. This means that the protrusions on the key are aligned with the depressions at the end of the gear. It remains only to strongly pull the key on itself and with effort to turn in the opposite direction from the movement of the rack bar.


Among the owners of the garage is a bike that the presence of eyelets under the padlock contributes to the opening of the garage door. Most often, the way to pull the wings of the car, hooking the cable for powerful holes under the hinged block. The second option is the use of a hydraulic jack. In both cases, the stability of the gate does not depend on the presence of eyelets or the installation of a padlock. Any of these methods, first of all, deforms the frame and the frame of the gate, while the locking systems of the garage devices prove to be powerless, as in the case of autogen or liquid nitrogen.

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