How to choose a gas stove for a balloon

How to choose a gas stove for a balloon

The absence of a gas main in a holiday village is a common occurrence. The actual question of cooking in this case is solved in different ways. A wood stove, a brazier or an electric stove can help out, but a gas cooker for giving under a balloon is the optimal solution. Information on existing models will help to make a reasoned choice, and compliance with the installation and connection recommendations will ensure the maximum safe operation of the plate with the gas cylinder.

Types of gas cookers

When choosing a gas stove for a summer cottage, they are guided by the duration of the country residence and the number of household members. Rare visits by a small family do not require large-scale preparations, so it will be enough to purchase a portable plate for a gas cylinder. Long stay outside the city or a large family is the reason to choose a stationary model, equipped with an oven.


Portable cooker for a dacha with a single burner has a low weight, it is convenient to transport, installation does not create difficulties. This is the best option for quickly warming up or preparing simple dishes in small quantities. It is preferable to choose a model designed for the arrival of liquefied gas from a cylinder. Automatic control over the burning power will prevent the risk of flame extinction in the weak fire mode.

In addition to single-burner specimens, there are many other options for portable models that operate on a cylinder. To accelerate the cooking process is capable of gas stove for cottages, equipped with two or four burners.

Comment! Separate manufacturers offer a combined option, when one of the four hotplate burners is powered by electricity.


Traditional equipment for a dacha does not differ in size from standard models. A floor oven for a balloon usually contains an oven, a grill and has other useful functions. The complete set of baking trays and grills simplifies the process of drying fruits and berries.

If the operation of the equipment is planned not only in cottages, it is practical to choose a model adapted to work on reduced gas from the cylinder and from the main gas pipeline. For this purpose the oven is equipped with a special set of jets. The budget variant of the combined design is the model "Dachnitsa 1489". The attached manual allows you to replace the parts yourself.

Nuances of choice

To choose a plate for a gas cylinder that best suits your own needs, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Capacity and number of burners. Usually models with 4 points of ignition contain two medium burners and one burner of large and small capacity. The offered functional is convenient for preparation on a summer residence of versatile dishes.
  • Fans of baking should take care of the presence of equipment in the oven.
  • Comfortable operation is provided by the function of electric ignition.
    Advice! If there is no outlet near the installation site, it is better to choose a model of a gas cooker with piezoelements. This function will also help out if there is a power failure.
  • The availability of a special case for a portable oven makes it easy to transport.
  • To reduce the risk of damage when relocating will help a durable coating of portable equipment.
  • The availability of a quality certificate is a prerequisite for any gas cooker.

The need to purchase a special reducer, which serves to reduce the pressure of the gas coming from the cylinder, is specified at the time of purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas equipment

The gas plate under the balloon has a lot of advantages, among the main advantages - the possibility of autonomous work, regardless of the availability of the main gas pipeline. Compared with electric models, there is a saving in costs, if you put the wood-burning stoves in one row, the cooking process is much simplified. Portable models are convenient for transportation.

But the operation at the dacha of the plate under the balloon is associated with some inconveniences:

  • To prevent the risk of poisoning by products of burning will help regular ventilation of the premises where the installation of gas equipment is planned.
  • The change of the cylinder is accompanied by the adjustment of the gas supply and directly the burner.
  • The minimum gap between the gas stove and the cylinder is 1.5 m.
  • A container with fuel periodically requires refueling.
Advice! Before purchasing a portable model, study the characteristics of the type of gas cylinder to be connected and its volume.

Process of connection to the cylinder

The conditions for installing the slab at the cottage are regulated by SNiP 42-01, 31-02 and other normative documents. If the ceiling height is more than 2.2 m, the room volume should be not less than the following:

  • for 1-2 hotplates - 8 m3;
  • 3 burners need a volume of 12 m3;
  • a plate for 4 burners is installed indoors not less than 15 m3.

If the height of the room is 2 m, the requirements for the area are doubled. Normally, the accompanying documents on the gas stove contain information about the installation conditions. In their absence, it is better to consult with the authorities that control the installation. The presence of a window in the room or transoms for ventilation is mandatory.

Connecting the plate to the cylinder passes in several stages:

  • To work, you need a gas reducer, a special reinforced hose and a union with an internal thread.
  • The coupling is wound on the inlet branch pipe of the furnace. The procedure is carried out using a foamed tape or an alternative sealant.
  • The reducer is connected to a tank with liquefied fuel and a gasket is installed.
  • The output of the gearbox is combined with the gas hose.
  • The quality of the hose connection is checked with a soap solution. The appearance of bubbles indicates a poor-quality installation.
Important! Use a new hose for connection to the gas equipment. Installing old connectors is life-threatening!

Safe operation conditions

Safe operation at a gas stove provides certain conditions:

  • The presence in the room of heat-resistant walls that can withstand a temperature of 100aboutFROM.
  • Kitchen furniture should also be resistant to temperatures of up to 100aboutFROM.
  • The minimum gap between the gas stove and the suite is 0.45 m.
  • When a gas smell occurs, the inclusion of light is unacceptable. First-priority security measures: close the gas tap, ventilate the room, call emergency service.
  • At the end of the work of the plate, it is necessary to block the gas cock that goes to the cylinder.

Absolutely forbidden:

  • Operate the faulty plate for the cylinder.
  • Check for leaks with fire.
  • Leave the working gas stove unattended.

Gas cylinders for cottages need periodic replacement. Carrying out the procedure is accompanied by a thorough inspection of the equipment, as there is a possibility of detecting malfunctions. The most common are the inadequate technical condition of the shut-off valves and the reduction gear. When exchanging an empty cylinder for a full one, attention is paid to mechanical damage. Control weighing will identify overcrowded containers that pose a threat to safe operation at the gas stove.

Browse popular models

The decision to buy a stove, working from a gas cylinder, is justified. The main thing is to choose a model that corresponds to individual requests. The market is filled with a wide range of products of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Among the popular plates, working from the cylinder, are:

  • "The Dacha". Equipped with 4 burners, one of which is increased power. A light weight of 20 kg is due to the lack of an oven. This is a profitable budget option for the dacha.
  • Inexpensive plate "Lada-Lux" has 4 burners and an oven for 54 liters. The combined model allows you to connect to a gas main or work from a cylinder. The type of power supply is changed by means of jets for gas stoves. Of the shortcomings, there is a high gas consumption, so a gas cylinder of a small volume is consumed quickly.
  • The "Nord" plate is laconic. The presence of an oven with the mechanism of intermediate fixation, the function of gas control makes it convenient to operate. Individual models have an electrical ignition.
  • Portable oven "Dream 200 M" for 2 burners successfully works from the cylinder and the main gas pipeline. Compactness, ease of operation, the "small flame" function for economical fuel consumption makes it an indispensable assistant in the country.

The list can be continued for a long time. To select a suitable instance, first of all, the need for burners, the presence of an oven and the provision of additional functions simplifying operation are calculated.

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