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How to choose a heater for a door

If you have already insulated the walls and put plastic windows that retain heat, to reduce heat loss, it is necessary to tackle the insulation of the entrance door. It is estimated that up to 30% of the heat can escape through the front door. Insulate the entrance is better in the summer, because in the cold during such work from your house or apartment will take a lot of heat.

Of course, it is not possible to completely seal the entrance door structure, but it is necessary to strive to reduce heat losses, which will reduce the amount of payment for heating.

Before starting work, it is necessary to establish the causes of heat loss. This can occur because of the high heat output of the door itself, and also because of drafts, due to the presence of cracks between the door leaf and the door unit.

If the door system is wooden, it may crack over time. The tree is reduced in size in severe frosts, so that there are gaps between the door frame and the door itself, heat easily escapes through them. Through the same looseness, cold air penetrates into the room, if you have a metal door. To remove these troubles, the door needs to be insulated. To determine the choice of what kind of insulation for the front door is better, you can get advice from a specialist or read reviews on sites about repairs.

The process of door insulation depends on the material from which the door structure is made. She may be:

  • metal-plastic;
  • wooden;
  • metallic.

In the first case for its warming you will need the help of professionals. Wooden and metal options are available to insulate yourself.

What kind of insulation for metal doors is better to choose, depends on where the door is located, and on your financial capabilities.

Insulation for metal door

If the metal leaf is a two-sheet assembly, and the structure can be untwisted without damage, it is necessary to disassemble it and fill the inner cavity with a heater. To do this you need:

  1. remove the door from the hinges and lay on a horizontal flat surface, you can on the floor or on stools of one height;
  2. unscrew the bolts and separate the inner and outer parts;
  3. Insert the insulation into the door and fix it with a mounting foam;
  4. return the inner lining to the place, assemble the structure with fasteners;
  5. place the door leaf on the hinges.

If the door halves are connected without fasteners, it is better not to disassemble this design, since for reassembly you will need the help of a specialist with a welding machine.

A metal system consisting of a single sheet can be insulated by attaching the insulation material to the inside of the door, then closing it with decorative plastic.

As a heater for a metal door, mineral insulation is used. Experts recommend to choose the insulation with high density, they have good heat and sound insulation, as well as fireproof.

The order of installation of a heater

We make a frame made of wooden slats 3x2cm, the total length of the slats depends on the dimensions of the door leaf, attach it to the door base with self-tapping screws. To do this, in the metal we drill the holes and after fixing the framework for the heater, cover the groove with window putty and paint with oil paint.

As a heater inside the metal frame foam plates of the required dimensions are laid, they can be fixed with liquid nails, crevices at the joints of the sheets should be blown out with a mounting foam.

Piled insulation material is closed with laminated fiberboard and fixed with screws to wooden slats. It is better to start the fastening from above, so that the sheet of fiberboard is leveled. You can use wooden planks or plastic panels instead of fiberboard, fitted to the size of the door leaf.

In this way, you reduce the thermal conductivity of the door itself. For the best result, you need to remove drafts, fixing the insulation between the door and the box. It will be more effective warming, if the insulation material is fixed to both the door and the door frame. Pay attention to the thickness of the seal, as with excessive thickness the door leaf will be closed with difficulty, and if insufficient, there will not be a necessary heat-insulating effect.

The material can be purchased at hardware stores or made independently. In the finished form, a foam rubber or rubber sealant is sold, usually they are self-adhesive.

To install a ready-made insulation, you need to clean the places of the sealant attachment from street dust and dirt, wipe the surface dry and degrease with alcohol. After that, you can glue the seal to the door frame.

Important! To correctly calculate the thickness of the seal, it is necessary to measure the height of the door and the height of the inner doorway using a tape measure, dividing the difference between them in half. The value obtained will be the required thickness of the sealant. To measure the length of the seal, it is necessary to measure the perimeter of the door or the perimeter of the inner doorway where the seal is planned to be attached.

The thickness of the seal can also be determined experimentally. It is necessary to stretch a piece of plasticine to softness, wrap it in a plastic bag and place it between the door and the opening where the sealant is planned to be attached. When closing the door, the clay is flattened, its thickness will be equal to the thickness of the insulation in the compressed state.

Preparation of such insulation material can be done independently. This will require dermantin and strips of foam rubber. Dermantine is cut into strips, about 10 cm wide, the total length of the whole strip should be equal to the perimeter of the door. Appropriate length of prepare foam strips, foam width can be up to 4cm. Foam is wrapped with dermantinom, so that the joint is facing the door frame and fixed with nails or glued.

Heated wooden door-door

The wooden structure has a lower thermal conductivity than the metal, but, nevertheless, efforts to insulate it will help you reduce the cost of heating.

Thermal insulation of the wooden leaf also reduces to the insulation of the door leaf itself and to the elimination of looseness in the doorway to avoid heat leakage.

The classical option of warming the wooden front door is its upholstery using heat-insulating materials. As insulation for the door using soft materials:

  • Foam can be used only in dry rooms, it quickly degrades from moisture;
  • isolon - quite expensive insulation, but it fits all requirements for insulation of doors; in the sale there is also a foil isolone, produced in various thicknesses and densities, you can choose the most suitable option;

Vata is practically not used, because over time it rolls down, pests of wood are planted in it, which can damage the door, and it will have to be replaced. Mineral heaters should not be used, as they will not keep the required volume under the skin;

Above the wooden surface is covered with decorative material, it can be dermantin, artificial or natural leather.

How to sew a wooden door with a heater

Beforehand it is necessary to remove door handles, lock hardware and other protruding objects. Remove the sash from the hinges, put on the floor horizontally, you can use a large table or other suitable flat surface. Cut the dermantine or other used upholstery to the size of the door leaf, taking into account the reserves for a hem about 5cm from all sides. To reduce the distance between the door frame and the leaf, the edges are formed by rollers.

On the door leaf is evenly distributed insulation, it must be attached to the array every 10-15cm with a furniture stapler. Then the outer surface is covered with dermantinum or other material selected by you. Upholstery start to fix the upper corners, the material should be good to stretch, make sure that there was no bias, tuck the edges, fixing rollers, then attached to the sides from top to bottom, the last sealed the lower part of the door.

To give the appearance of the external door surface upholstery with decorative nails, but it should be noted that the nails deteriorate the thermal insulation.

Tip! Doing work on the insulation, do not forget to make a hole for the door eye.

To warm the wooden leaf, you can use another method. On the inside of the structure, wooden slats are nailed along the perimeter, sheets of foam are inserted between them, the slots are blown up by the mounting foam. Then the inner side together with the heater is closed with plastic panels or laminated fiberboard.

Warming the front door, do not forget to check the condition of the door frame. Perhaps, over time, the door frame was deformed or crumbled foam, or fallen plaster, and between the door frame and the wall form a slot which penetrates the cold air.

To eliminate this defect, it is necessary to remove the lining of the door opening from the inside and the outside, check the gap between the door frame and the wall, if necessary, to clean it of debris and crumbling plaster, blow out with foam, plaster cement mortar. Then the slopes are set in place. With a little effort, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating and improve the comfort of staying in your home.

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