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How to choose a submersible pump for a well

For permanent access to water from the well, special deposits are applied. They allow you to raise the necessary amount of water at any time, while their power and economy make this process the most effective. Among such deposits, the submerged type, working at depth, is particularly distinguished.

Types of submersible pumps

A distinctive feature of submersible pumps from conventional pumps is that they operate in the well itself. They dive into the water and pump it from a great depth.

Interesting! The design of the submersible pumps for the well and the well is almost the same, but the well pump can work even with a partial immersion due to the lower intake port.

Varieties of this device differ in design features. Note the following submersible types:

  • Vibrating. This variety allows you to deliver clean water without impurities. Works on the principle of pumping and pushing water, have a simple design, easy maintenance and a reasonable price.
  • Centrifugal. This pump has a high power and operates on the principle of rotation of the impeller. Has a complex design and requires regular maintenance, but it works much longer and quieter than other options.
  • Drainage. This type is used not for permanent work, but for cleaning the well from dirty water. Has high power, but is not suitable for pumping out drinking water.

Also note the vortex type, but it is rarely used. Vortex pumps have low power, so they are not used for deep wells.

Among them, vibrational and centrifugal species are most popular. They are not very expensive, they are able to carry a large volume of water, and their service life is long enough.

Important! The size of the well pumps is greater than the well pumps. This reduces the maximum height of the water. However, they are able to cope with a depth of up to 30 m.

How to choose a pump

When choosing a pump, you need to be guided by the data on your well. This will allow to choose the model with the optimal value of power, price and cleaning. Therefore, when selecting, three things should be considered:

  • The depth at which water is located
  • Distance to her mirror
  • The degree of its purity
  • Throughput

The first item allows you to determine the depth at which water is located. Based on this, the parameter "Depth of immersion" and the device installation method are selected. The second item is the distance to the mirror, on the basis of which the pump type is selected. The differences between the first two points are minimal, but if the depth of the water can have an error, then the distance to the mirror is better measured accurately.

The degree of purity allows you to choose a model based on the "Water Quality" parameter. This is an important factor, because each device has a permissible percentage of its contamination. If the proportion of dirt exceeds this threshold, the life of the pump is significantly reduced.

The last point is water consumption. On its basis it is necessary to choose the maximum power of the device. If for the house this parameter is rather small, then for watering the site it is necessary to take a fairly powerful model. The average index of the pump is 4.2 cubic meters of water per hour. But for a site with a kitchen garden it is necessary to take an indicator above.

Tip! If the depth of the well is too large for conventional models, then it is worth looking at the deep pumps. They allow you to get water from great depths. Often they are used for wells, but there are also well models.

When choosing it is worthwhile to learn a few more factors. Among them:

  • The distance from the well to the tank (or end point of consumption)
  • Availability of filters in the house
  • Pump power

The power of the pump is determined in kilowatts and allows to determine the volume of pumped water and the maximum range to which it can deliver. You can not take the most affordable option, because excess pressure in the water pipe and the pump itself is harmful to the system. This also affects the duration of work.

Most popular brands and models

Although the market of submersible models is full of various brands and models, many of them are unreasonably expensive, and their efficiency is low. Therefore, it is necessary to focus not only on the characteristics, but also on the device manufacturer. Now they mark several of the most popular brands under which high-quality equipment is produced:


This manufacturer is known for its quality products and a large assortment. Specially for the wells, they have allocated a series of SPO, suitable for domestic water supply. Models can be used for technical and drinking water. The design of the devices is quite high quality and made of stainless steel.

They are ideal for a private home, taking water from a well. However, their price is high enough.


A series of models "Kid" is produced in three versions and is designed to lift water from wells and wells. This inexpensive and practical pump is designed for household use. They should not be taken for permanent or long-term work, which is especially true for irrigation systems. The cost is extremely low, which makes such an option very popular.


This brand is considered the best in the ratio of price and quality. Its cost is rather moderate, and the efficiency of work is high. Available models are designed for drinking water supply, and their service life reaches 10 years. This is a simple and economical option for a private home.


The models of the "Beaufort" are relatively inexpensive and differ in a wide variety. They can be used not only for clean water, freely pumping out liquid with a high percentage of impurities. However, the working life of such models is low in severe operating conditions.

Dzheleks Vodomet

This line of submersible centrifugal pumps is used for a private house with high water consumption. They are able to take liquid from various sources for a long period without interruption, which makes it possible to water, fill the tank, wash the machine and other similar tasks. The cost is relatively low, and comparable to the brand Aquarius.

Among the reliable options, these are the most optimal for purchase, because they combine high work efficiency, cost and durability. However, there are other, less popular brands. To search for them is recommended on reviews, after all at the bad pump of a problem arise practically right after installation.

Tip! Some models are not designed to work with dirty water. If you are not sure of its quality, then it is worthwhile to take the universal option, and put a filter in the water supply system.

How to install the pump in a well

Installation of submersible models is not more difficult than others. This is a fairly simple process, with which you can cope with a minimum of experience and skills. Therefore, you can do without a master.

Important! Installation can be simple, but if the water supply system is not configured for this task, then it is worth to turn to a professional.

The installation consists of several stages:

  1. Preparation. It is necessary to make a hole in the lid of the well. It will be necessary to support the pump. To the proposed location of the well, a pipe or a hose is piped, according to which water will be pumped in the future.
  2. Descent. After the preparatory phase, it is necessary to lower the pump to the bottom of the well to the future connection point. Descent is carried out by means of a cable (metal anticorrosive or kapron), passed through the previously made hole in the lid.
    TheImportant! The pump must not go deeper than 30 cm to the bottom of the well. Otherwise, the system will get dirt and sand.
  3. Fixation. The pump is fixed and connected to the system. The cable must be secured at the top by tying it to any stable element. For this purpose it is recommended to weld the hook on the lid of the well.

After that, the pump can be put into operation. If the water in the well is dirty or the bottom in the sand, then it is worth buying a pipe with a floating filter. Such a system will allow you to take water under the edge, which will significantly extend the life of its operation and reduce the cost of the filter.

Submersible pump for a well is the best option for a private water supply system. It is located on the very bottom and provides regular water lifting. In this regard, it is much better than surface options, since it requires a minimum of care and does not take up additional space.

And for a better understanding of the installation of submersible pumps, it is recommended that you view this video. It describes the Patriot vibratory pump, its overview and installation.

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