How to decorate a window in a children's room

How to decorate a window in a children’s room

The fact that every child needs to define his personal space from birth is no longer a matter of doubt for his parents. It is only natural that this space, in the form of a children's room, should be appropriately decorated. The task is not at all as simple as it might seem, and is considered difficult even for experienced designers. When self-design of the children's room, priority should be given not only to the quality of the materials used, but also to the exact matching of the design to the child's age.

So, a child of preschool age will be extremely uncomfortable in a room decorated in the style of hi-tech or minimalism - it is more suitable for fairy motives and an abundance of funny accessories. Great attention requires the correct design of the window in the children's room - it not only attracts increased attention due to its large size, but also due to the fact that it is the main source of sunlight, so necessary for any baby. In addition to competent design, you need to think about its quality - it should exclude the possibility of drafts and spontaneous opening.

The main aspects of a secure window

Before proceeding with decorating the window, you should make sure that it fully meets the security requirements:

  • The window sill should not be placed low, because the "curiosity" of the kids is unlimited;
  • window handles that allow tearing off the doors must be replaced from standard ones, to those that are equipped with a lock-lock;
  • window decoration in the nursery should be ideal, which excludes drafts of drafts and penetration of dust and moisture;
  • it is desirable to install an automatic valve for ventilation;
  • the cornice must be secured very reliably, so that "pulling" the child behind the curtains does not lead to its fall;
  • if possible, it is necessary to glue a special protective film on the glass, preventing the fragmentation in the event that the window is broken.

If the existing window meets all the requirements, you can start decorating it. Self-design of the children's room is not an easy task, and this issue should be given no less attention than the rest of the interior. The most common mistake of parents who independently plan the interior of the nursery is the use of heavy and thick curtains.

While the baby is small enough, and still can not walk alone, this approach can be justified, since heavy and dense textiles better isolate the room from bright sunlight, making the baby's daytime sleep more comfortable. But as the child grows up, it's better to refuse such curtains. Not only do they create a high load on the cornice, dense textiles are complicated in care, and it is an excellent "dust collector", which is not very good for the baby's health. Therefore, to decorate the window in the children's room, it is more optimal to use lightweight textiles, which are easy to care for.

Basic principles of child window design

Before you make a window in the nursery you should consult a child if he already knows how to talk. If this moment has not yet come, we will have to rely on our own taste. The main way to decorate a child's window is, of course, textiles. It is worth knowing that it is important for a baby to be surrounded by bright, pleasant colors. Of course, it's not entirely reasonable to hang very bright curtains, it's better if they have a neutral shade, but a bright edging. A nice effect is the curtains with bright, recognizable animated characters.

If there is a possibility of drastic changes, it will be an excellent option to replace standard rectangular windows with arched ones. Such windows in the nursery allow you to create a more calm, harmonious interior, although more complex in decoration. Do not place flowers on the windowsill in the children's room, which require constant care. In addition to the fact that a slightly grown-up child will try to taste them, the pot can be easily overturned on itself, which inevitably entails injuries. For the window in the nursery is more appropriate to place on the windowsill favorite and bright plush toys.

It should be noted that the window in the children's room should match the design of the rest of the room. For example, if the entire room is decorated in the style of a "little princess" - with an abundance of pink, lace and purely "female" accessories, the window, designed in a strict and concise design, will look like a foreign object. Of course, in the interior of the nursery is best to avoid excessive "enthusiasm" a certain direction, remembering that the room should change as the child grows up and changes his interests. This should be borne in mind when choosing a window design option, since the very fact of its presence in a small children's room inevitably attracts increased attention to it.

In addition to the options for decorating the window in the children's room using curtains can be found on the video

If the child does not have a window

The design of a children's room without a window should be thought out especially carefully. One of the main tasks in such a room will be to ensure the proper level of lighting. You can not manage the standard variants of the arrangement of lighting devices here. If the premise is intended for a child of preschool age, the design of a child's room without a window may not include the design of the working area - it is better to leave a little more free space to which the baby himself will find use.

Avoid too bright lighting. Ideally, in a room with a missing window, it is desirable to at least draw it. Of course it will be better if it is not a drawing, but an artificial niche made of plasterboard, in the depth of which there will be an LED backlight capable of changing its color. Such a "window" will be appropriate to decorate with standard curtains in the tone of the walls, make a window sill, on which to place toys, light photo frames, etc. The daytime illumination of this window is constantly on - on electricity bills it will not be affected by the economy of LEDs .

The rest of the lighting should also be bright enough, but not blinding. Here it makes sense to be from all the usual chandeliers located under the ceiling. It is better to use a variety of sconces, located on the walls, in which you can install both standard and colored lamps. The backlight from the same LED strip, launched along the perimeter of the floor, will look original enough - it will give not only a certain percentage of uniqueness to the room without a window, but will also become the original "night lamp" for the baby.

Design of a children's room with two windows

If the child became the owner of a room with two windows at once, this is undoubtedly a plus. Of course, for the child himself. For parents, the two windows present much more complexity in the design, rather than one. Undoubtedly, two windows in a small children's room require a special approach to decoration, but at the same time there are much more possibilities in terms of choosing the style of the room. The room with two windows can be immediately divided into two parts - for study and recreation.

In order to equip the "educational" part of the room and not to lose much of the free space, you can place the desktop near the window - this interior is quite in demand at the moment, and it will be much more comfortable to work with natural illumination to a grown up child than with an artificial one. In this case, everything around the window space can be turned into interesting shelving, where toys will be located for the first time, and as the child grows up, he already has his workbooks and textbooks.

Instead of a window sill in this case, you need to order a special countertop. It is appropriate to design a children's room and if the window is located in the middle, and the room is initially made out to a schoolchild or a teenager.

In this case, you should avoid excessive entrainment by decorating the window, and from the standard textile curtains it is worth noting at all. Here are more appropriate so-called. Roller blinds with the following advantages:

  • they do not accumulate dust;
  • there is the possibility of equipping them with an electric drive with remote control;
  • a variety of colors and light, "air" design.

Thus, the design of the children's room with a desk near the window can be both strict and graceful. In addition, this placement of the table allows you to significantly save space in the room, where you can arrange a small gym for the child.

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