How to install a plastic window in a wooden house yourself

How to install a plastic window in a wooden house yourself

Plastic double-glazed windows have gained popularity due to their performance. But is it possible to use them when building and repairing wooden buildings? Of course, it is possible and necessary.

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house has a lot of differences and features. The process involves a number of preparatory manipulations, primarily related to the fact that the design has a tendency to sink in time.

We install a PVC window in a private house

Features of the technology of installing PVC windows in a wooden house of a new or old construction do not have a big difference. In any case, experts recommend the technology with the use of casing - proven by time, this technology allows you to avoid deformation, regardless of the material from which it is made.

plastic window plastic window

The installation of a plastic window in a wooden house or a dacha with your own hands will require some knowledge and skills from the performer. Of course, if there are none, then it is more expedient to turn to specialists. The difficulty of self-assembly of PVC systems in a wooden house is that the frame is fixed with the help of the "spike-groove" mechanism. This design allows creating such operating conditions, in which deformation and subsidence of wood does not have a direct effect on the double-glazed unit.

According to statistics, a wooden house can shrink to 30 cm. Depending on the material, due to the drying of the wood for 1 year after the construction of the structure, the shrinkage value of the structure per meter of height is:

  • log: 40-60 mm;
  • beams: 30-40 mm;
  • glued beam 10-30 mm.

These factors should not be neglected, since the drawdown of the structure already in the first year threatens to crush the window with the crowns of the wall construction.

Shrinkage of walls can occur and after 5 years of operation at home under the influence of seasonal changes in the composition and humidity of air. In this case, the installation of windows in the old houses also imply the presence of casing.

So, consider the algorithm for installing PVC systems in wooden houses.

Stage number 1. Preparatory work

Before starting a direct installation, it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory measures:

  • dismantling of the old window (if replacement occurs);
  • cleaning of the opening from dirt and debris;
  • make the necessary measurements and calculations;
  • Drawing up the drawing and fixing the measurement parameters of the opening;
  • aligning the contours of the sides of the window opening, if the hole has an irregular shape;
  • leveling is carried out with a putty or sealant;
  • Identify the design and functionality (number of leaves, their size, which ones will be opened);
  • determine the manufacturer and color of the product.

Only after carrying out all the above manipulations, we order a window from the manufacturer, taking into account individual wishes.

Stage No. 2. Installation

Once the windows are delivered and the necessary preliminary work is done, you can proceed directly to the installation. Tools:

  • drill;
  • construction level;
  • chisel;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • mallet;
  • pliers;
  • anchor plates and bolts;
  • a key for adjusting windows;
  • mounting foam;
  • wedges-struts;
  • spray with water.

Installation is recommended to be paired with an assistant, since some manipulations are not feasible alone. In addition, a plastic double-glazed window - the construction of a large and heavy - to keep it one is not easy.

Important! Installation of a plastic window in a wooden house is not recommended during high winds and at low temperatures (at least -10 degrees).

Casing: purpose, types and construction

Casing is a construction in the form of a box, which is made of three or four boards and installed around the perimeter of the opening.


The system allows you to install a plastic window yourself, so that the window is fixed regardless of the main structure of the wall and had a floating character. The window system is fixed with the help of grooves on the side, which are placed on the spikes protruding from the end of logs and timber.

To fix and seal the casing, only the patch, flnovatin or insulation made of fiber is used. In no case is the mounting foam.

Attention! From above leave a backlash from calculation of a deposit of wood.

Thus, the shrinkage of the walls of the wooden structure does not affect the window in any way and, moreover, does not damage it. Depending on the fastenings, you can classify the casing into the following varieties:

  • in the spike. This design is characterized by the presence of a spike that is mounted on the side parts of the casing, and a groove that is located in the logs of the opening;
  • in the embedded beam. The basis of the fastening is a bar, which is placed in the groove in the ends of the opening and passes through the casing struts;
  • in the deck. The spike is located on the butt-end of the logs of the window opening, but the groove is in the casing racks.

The box is a floating mechanism, which excludes the deformation of the plastic window during operation, regardless of the type of casing installation.

outline outline

Calculations should be done with high accuracy, since even a minor error can lead to deformation of the window box or leakage of the structure. In addition, proper installation is a guarantee of the quality of the plastic window itself.

How to make a window (casing)

The design can be of two types: complex and simple. A simple window is a system described above, with bars and grooves. A complex design is performed in a slightly different way: in the opening of the window, a comb is cut out, onto which the carriage with grooves is mounted. This option is more reliable. With shrinkage of the walls, the comb can slide and do not allow vertical deviations, excluding pressure on the window box.

Casing, as a rule, is made of a bar. Using a chisel on the tree in the center of the beam, a groove is cut out 0.5 cm, and a spike (0.5x0.5x, 25 cm) is cut from one end. From the end of the logs of the opening, a comb with spines 0.5 x 0.5 cm is cut out. You can use a saw or a chisel for this.

Important! The marking of the crest is an important point. From the accuracy of the marking depends the quality and reliability of the structure.

knock out a groove

After the crest is ready, we proceed to install the risers and form the structure of the opening between them. The bars are set according to the level, taking into account the gaps to shrink the walls (1 cm at the sides and 0.5 cm from the top). The frame from the beams is strengthened by means of grooves with the main web of walls and nagels between each other. The remaining gaps are sealed with a paste or other fiber. That's all, now you can proceed to install directly the plastic frame. In more detail you can see the process in this video:

Step 3. Installation in the prepared opening

After carrying out the necessary preparatory work and installing the window, you can proceed with the installation of the window.

Attention! Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house without a casing - the wrong option.

First, we check the dimensions and location of the parallels, the gaps between the casing and the frame. The stock should be 4-5 cm at the top, 2-3 cm in width and height, 3-4 cm in the area of ​​the window sill. Having convinced of the correspondence of the stock to these indicators, proceed, directly, to the installation of the plastic frame.

Mount the window with special fasteners, which are sold in any construction shop. They are metal plates with holes.

Advice! It is strongly recommended to use the fasteners, since screwing the frame with screws through the structure, deprives the window of direct use, completely eliminating its tightness and thermal insulation.

The installation of a plastic window must be made according to the level. If you neglect this factor, then you risk getting a design with a slope, which greatly reduces the operational and aesthetic tasks of the window.

Advice! Before installing the window, the doors are removed. This facilitates the construction and it is much more convenient to mount it in the opening.

After the window is fixed in the opening, it is necessary to fill the gap with mounting foam. To avoid displacement of the structure during the filing, put the bars, which will maintain the position of the frame without deviations. After drying, do not forget to remove it.

The fastening of the window in the casing is done with caution. In this case, it is necessary to choose the correct location for tightening the screws. In no case can not fix the window in the area of ​​the ridge!

That's all, we end the process with a full lapping of the opening. We put on the sash and let the foam dry.

we put on the sash and let the foam dry

We presented the correct way of installing a plastic window in a wooden house. This process can cause difficulties, so if you are unsure of your abilities, then it's better to turn to professionals.

However, installing a plastic window with your own hands is a significant cost saving. We suggest watching the video instruction on installing the window yourself:

  • How to properly install the blinds on the window with your own hands

  • Installation of window sills on plastic windows

  • How to install slopes on plastic windows

  • Installation of plastic windows with your own hands

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