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Improvement of the territory of a country house

Man loves beauty. Especially if it's done beautifully with your own hands. Women love to take care of the house, men like to drive a car, making it more attractive. Apartment design is another way to realize your fantasies and make the room beautiful.

It is noteworthy that it is much more difficult to refine the house and the territory that adjoins it. Many homeowners wish to make themselves a beautiful courtyard, where you can relax, enjoy the silence and nature. Land improvement is a responsible step, which needs to be approached with special care.

Agree that the yard - this is the face of the owner, his business card, according to which the resident is judged. But, not everyone can afford to hire a specialist who will determine the scope of work, carry out a professional analysis and project the future territory. What to do in this case? You can do everything yourself. And to help you cope with the problem, we suggest that you consider the tips and recommendations that will help you make the site in front of the house beautiful, comfortable and modern.

What you should pay attention to, ennobling the site

We are all different, therefore it is very difficult to reach an opinion. Each person is individual and has his own idea of ​​what is cosiness and beauty expressed in the environment. Every detail of the site that enthralls us, defines us as an individual. But, there are some standards, the retention of which in the arrangement of the territory is very important. For example, if it is a drainage system for a site and the strengthening of slopes, then these kinds of work are recommended to be done necessarily.

After all, no matter how beautiful you may have designed your site, it will flood it at the first shower, a swamp and mud will form. And if you have a basement or garage on the site, they can be flooded. And plants do not like high humidity. Then the exploitation of the territory of the country house will be safe, and bring you joy.

Note! If you have the desire and the means to use additional labor, then any of your even complicated ideas will easily come true without any problems.

The first thing you need to do is draw a plan for your countryside. On it it is necessary to mark the existing buildings on the site, and also to depict the desired additional elements. These are gazebos, playgrounds, swings, plantings, flower beds, paths, fencing and much more. Such a detailed plan will help you to know what you are doing, accelerate the process and make it purposeful. Only after careful preparation can begin marking the territory, and perform the amount of work for its improvement.

It is important to take into account that the territory of a country house should have both sunny and shady areas. So you can make the rest of the family diverse: in the shade you can hang a hammock, put a table and chairs, and in the sun you can make a pool or gazebo.

Advice! When you will design the house territory of a country house, consider the climate of your region. From this will depend both the choice of plants on the site, and buildings.

We divide the site into zones

The main element of your site is, of course, the house. Therefore, all the other buildings that you will do, you need to build in accordance with its architecture and style. It is also important to place them in relation to the house. When the territory of the countryside is small, it is better not to conduct experiments with styles, and many designs and elements should not be placed. Everything will be on the heap, which is not very beautiful. Others will see a patchwork quilt in the house territory.

But if the territory is extensive, then you will be where to run. It can be divided into zones, distributing different parts of the site with its own theme. For example, if the house on the site is made in a rustic style, it is recommended to use simple designs in the design. Ideally suitable for hand work, gravel paths and wooden decking. Quality improvement of the site requires planning. Decide in advance what you expect from your site. Will you grow anything on it?

Or will it be simple landscaping with flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs? Maybe you have plans for breeding fish in a pond? And maybe you like to relax in a hammock or a chaise longue, to sit with friends and family in the gazebo, fry shish kebabs and swim in the pool? In order to realize these different kinds of activities, harmoniously combining them, it is necessary to divide the territory of the site into separate zones.

If your family has children, then the installation of a playground on the site is not even discussed. In advance, think over which areas you really need, and which ones can be sacrificed if the territory is small. With a large area, all zones can be harmoniously combined. For example, a zone where active games will be held can be equipped with a folding table and chairs. So, you get a place for lunch, rest and board games. After lunch and games, all this furniture can be removed to another place, freeing the playground in the field for badminton or football.

Note! Separate the zones among themselves can be hedges, bushes and perennials. But, it should not dominate the entire composition of the site.

On the territory of a country house look beautiful fences with arches and pergolas. Particularly beautifully, if you add such an arch with a blooming vine. And you can close your territory with heavy trellises, twisted by a curling plant. It will be a kind of living wall.

Tracks and platforms

If we talk about the main entrance to the house, then the path from paving stones, hewn stone and sidewalk tiles looks very good. Most often they are placed so that between the stones appeared space, which can be filled with sand, glass granules or pebbles. Another variant of the design of the path is to plant uncomplicated low plants on the sides.

And to make the improvement of the territory of a country house in an informal style, it is recommended to make paths from a wooden log. Free space can be filled with crushed bark or chips. The scope of work is great, but the result is worth it. Everything looks pretty beautiful, especially in the thorny part of the territory of the house. For a more restrained composition, the space can be covered with gravel, gravel or sand.

Quite often the paths are made of narrow boards, which are tightly connected to each other. Cover coat with varnish or paint. To simplify the task of installing the track, you can use the garden parquet (decking). The material is wear-resistant and copes with heavy loads. Although its price is high, but it will serve you for many years.

Note! Do the tracks you need based on the layout drawn on paper.

Landscaping the territory of a country house

We all are drawn to nature. Agree, if there is not a single tree or living plant on the site, it becomes "dead" and bleak. Therefore, to create comfort in the territory, make it beautiful and well-groomed, it is enough to choose and plant plants.

Landscaping is an important stage in the improvement of the territory. For starters, proceed to plant bushes and trees. Thus, your garden will be much more diverse. Moreover, they will serve as a source of shade on the site and protect you from the gusts of the wind.

If you do not have enough brightness on the territory of the house, then brightly flowering plants will come to your aid. So you can create a multi-color or one-color landscape of the site.

Advice! When beautifying a small area, you should give preference to those plants that blossom constantly - one after another. Thanks to this flowerbed, the site will be decorated throughout the season.

Sites that bloom - look very nice. But do not forget about ornamental plants (fern, host and geiger). No less popular are the lawns for the territory of the house. The grass is rather unpretentious. From you only need to sift it and regularly perform a number of works relating to her haircuts. To do this, you need to get a trimmer or lawn mower. And in the hot summer days, the grass should be watered.

While doing the construction of the cottage or house, consider the option of paving. The advantage of this method is that it is easier to take care of such a site and keep it clean. And for its gardening you can use flowerpots. Then you can plant on the territory of any exotic plants: cypress, pomegranate, lemon and others.

Note! For small areas, you can make a vertical gardening, which can create a volume on the site. Supports for plants can be a fence, gazebo, pillar or tree trunks.

We cover our territory

This is especially true in the winter, when it gets dark much earlier. So, coming from work, you will go confidently and without a sense of fear. Make effective lighting in the territory can be elements of garden lighting, which operate from electricity or solar energy. They will not only fulfill their basic function, but will also make the territory more attractive and with a special charm.

Usually you need to highlight the path of the house, the pond, beautiful plants and decor elements (sculptures, figurines, fountain). Thanks to LED lights, you can make the effect of the night sky with stars, which is under your feet. You can light the paths with lanterns on poles. The conclusion is one - if you correctly and well think over the coverage, then the territory of your house will be incredibly beautiful both during the day and at night.

The elements are used in the course

To make a special and unique accent on the territory, as well as create a certain style of landscape design, garden decorations are perfect. In the patio-patio or on the open area, a small fountain or sculpture will look beautiful.

Note! For our region, rather popular are garden figures made in the manner of fairy-tale characters or animals. Only with them you can not overdo it, as the territory will become a continuous playground.

In the event that you want to take care of birds and animals, make a feeder, a house for squirrels or a birdhouse on the site. They can also decorate the territory, as well as help our lesser friends.

Artificial pond in the territory

Water always calmed a person. You can look at it forever. Therefore, a beautiful pond on the territory will serve for aesthetic purposes. All you need is to dig a foundation pit, lay everything with a PVC film. If you have a desire to make a body of water that resembles the natural, then make its shore so that it looks like natural.

You will be helped by natural stone, sand or pebbles. On the perimeter plant plants that love moisture:

  • mint;
  • reeds;
  • marsh iris;
  • sedge.

At the bottom will look beautiful urut, lilies, lotuses or other aquatic plants. Such a pond perfectly fits into the zone where you will rest.


These were the basic principles of arranging the territory of a country or private house. It is clear that there is no single standard. You can make your site the way you want it to be. Here the flight of imagination, zeal, desire and availability of means is important. All the rest we have tried to provide you. Now, understanding the scheme of arrangement of the territory of the house, you can realize everything in life.

And the performance of these works, although it will take time from you, but it will bring joy to you and to others. Paying due attention to the improvement of the territory, you will not regret it.

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