Large flowers made of paper to decorate the hall

Large flowers made of paper to decorate the hall

Recently, more and more popular are three-dimensional flowers to decorate the hall. To produce them, different materials are used, so the finished decor is available at its price range.

This original decoration of the hall with flowers has become a fashion trend in the interior fashion, so we will take a closer look at the technology of making paper flowers by our own hands.

Paper elements for decoration of the hall

Decorate the hall can be various decorative elements. Let's analyze the peculiarities of making flower compositions for the audience.

Advice! You can make flowers from paper to decorate the hall for a certain holiday. For example, decorate the living room for the birthday of the child, and after the holiday is removed from the walls.

If desired, you can make floral garlands to decorate the hall from shiny or colored paper. An interesting view will give the living room a large paper flowers.

Manufacturing technologies

Currently, interior designers use a variety of technologies to create decorative elements. For example, large flowers made of paper can be made in the technique of "origami". Ready-made decor elements will not only decorate the hall, but also introduce a festive or romantic atmosphere into the room.

Flowers from paper to decorate the hall can differ in color, as well as in size. If desired, you can create peonies, dandelions, daffodils, tulips, roses.

The choice of colors depends on the personal taste preferences of the inhabitants of the apartment, as well as on what the intended purpose of the decorative elements is.

Useful tips, manufacturing techniques, features of distribution of finished flowers by the living room, can be found in the video fragment

Attention! Flowers made of paper used to decorate the hall must be made of a safe material.

If your plans include making a garland of homemade large flowers for the ceiling, it is better to make them volumetric, and on the walls you can quite confine yourself to the flat elements of the decor.

Tips for making

Paper manufacturers offer a variety of options, each type has certain operational and aesthetic characteristics.

For the production of paper flowers in the hall, you can use plain white or corrugated paper. For the production of bright garlands of colors, crafting, packaging, note paper is suitable.

Advice! Plain or newsprint interior professionals are advised to apply in those cases when it is planned to create a thematic decoration of the living room.

In kindergartens will be appropriate large flowers, made of packaging paper. For example, you can draw around the perimeter of the room garlands, consisting of alternating colors and baskets. Flowers will perform only an aesthetic function, and in the basket you can put small sweets to make a pleasant surprise to the kids.

Educators choose corrugated paper for classes related to the production of large paper flowers. Such material is not only convenient in work, it can create real masterpieces of design art.

Ornaments made of corrugated paper for the hall

It is this kind of paper that is considered the most popular material used to make original ornaments for a variety of living quarters.

For example, you can make small flowers from such paper, which will form the basis of a voluminous garland.

Among those colors that are especially well suited from corrugated material, we note carnations, peonies, and a variety of exotic flowers.

Volumetric dandelions made of white paper can be used as separate elements for wall and ceiling decoration. It is in the manufacture of these colors that professional designers advise beginners to start decorating the room with paper flowers.

In order to make such a flower, you need to take a pile of corrugated paper, fold the material in the form of an accordion, then squeeze the thread in the middle, dissolve the petals on both sides. In the end, we get a fluffy ball, reminiscent of a spring dandelion.

Options for decorating the hall with large elements

In the interior art there are several options for decorating the living room with voluminous paper flowers.

Place ready-made jewelry on the ceiling, walls, tulle or curtain. The original look has huge flowers that are placed on the floor.

Advice! If you plan to decorate the colors of the living room walls, then you can use both flat and volumetric color options.

Professionals are convinced that the most advantageous option for creating a flat decor is chamomile. They can be made in different colors. For example, one row of petals is made of white paper, the second row is made in yellow. To make this kind of chamomile, you can take a red paper.

If you planned the production of three-dimensional chamomiles, from which a garland will be made, the middle of the flower is also made voluminous. To do this, loosen the circle, carrying out numerous incisions that do not reach the center of the circle.

The ceiling can be decorated as separate flowers, and garlands consisting of small flowers.

If the room has high ceilings, you can pull garlands just below the ceiling, making the room mysterious and unusual.

Advice! In a room with a high ceiling, singular large flowers, which are hung on transparent threads to the base of the ceiling, look original.

On the curtains you can place garlands of small flowers that resemble Hawaiian garlands. Professionals also allow the decoration of the curtains with individual decorative elements.

This option is suitable for decorating the hall for children's holidays. For example, you can decorate the curtains with exotic flowers, so that the children who are invited to the feast have the impression that they were in the African jungle.

By March 8, you can change them with gentle tulips, bringing a feeling of spring and tenderness to the hall.

Depending on how the mood will change, it will be enough just to change one paper flowers by others, without spending money for cosmetic repairs in the hall.

Corrugated paper is considered to be a compliant by decorators, convenient for creating decorative elements.


In order to introduce new trends into the interior of the hall, it is not necessary to start a large-scale cosmetic repair. It is enough to arm yourself with paper, scissors, double-sided tape, creative imagination. For a short time interval, you can make original voluminous daisies, roses, tulips. Gathering them into a large garland, you can transform the interior of the living room, fill the room with a festive or romantic atmosphere.

Ease of use as decorative elements of paper flowers is not only in their low cost, but also in the ability to change (if necessary) the design without spending time on it. From simple white office paper, you can create real works of art that will help the owner of the apartment to make his room a source of pride.

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