Perennial climbing flowers for the garden

Perennial climbing flowers for the garden

Climbing plants for the garden - an excellent solution for those who want to decorate their cottage area with their own hands. These flowers are divided into perennial and annual. Perennials are used much more often, because these plants have a lot of advantages.

What curling perennial flowers are better to use for decorating your dacha, what is the peculiarity of these plants and how to take care of them - everything in this article.

Features of perennial climbing plants

Climbing flowers for the garden are divided into three groups according to the way they grow:

  • creeping - can only climb up the support, without special support, these perennials simply cover the earth with a solid carpet. Bright representatives of this group are a woven rose and spindle grass.
  • Climbing perennials need at least some support, for example, a rough brick wall or a fence. The stems of these flowers have appendages-suckers, with which they can cling to the vertical surface and rise upwards. These are flowers such as hydrangea, girlish virgin.
  • Clinging perennials are equipped with antennae, they crochet the cords of the support, thereby raising their stalk higher and higher. This is how grapes, ampelopsis grows.

Another category by which perennial climbing flowers can be divided into groups - the stem. Thus, the vine stem can be herbaceous and dendritic. Flowers with grassy stems die every winter, and in the spring give new shoots from the root. Tree lentas after the winter continue to grow, with each year increasing the length of the plant.

Important! Almost all tree-like climbing perennials tolerate frosts well and do not need shelter. But there are varieties whose whips for the winter need to be removed from the poles and wrapped with a heater. On this factor you need to pay attention to the choice of perennial.

Advantages of winding perennials in front of ordinary annuals:

  1. There is no need to plant flowers at the dacha every year - perennials grow for many years.
  2. Perennials tolerate lower temperatures more resistant, almost all varieties of these crops can not be harvested during the winter.
  3. Climbing flowers grow vertically, so do not require much space. For planting one perennial there is enough patch of earth with a size of 40x60 cm.
  4. Curly perennial flowers do not require complex care, they do not need to be watered regularly, fertilized and pruned.
  5. Vertical lianas perfectly protect against the scorching sun and wind, they are used to decorate arbors, pergolas and canopies.
  6. With the help of perennial climbing lianas, landscape designers create real masterpieces in suburban areas. Because vines can hide the shortcomings of the landscape, outbuildings, and vice versa, flowers can emphasize the beauty of arbors, arches, fences.
  7. Thick thickets of climbing perennials are very attractive for birds who like to hang their nests on them. And birds, as is known, perfectly cope with the main pests of the garden and vegetable garden - insects.

Based on the qualities of climbing plants, you can choose the most suitable flowers for your dacha.

Varieties of frizzy perennials

Among perennial lianas there are deciduous and flower varieties. These plants can have interesting, large leaves or attract attention with bright inflorescences. Each of the perennials deserves attention, they should be chosen based on external characteristics, as well as the characteristics of the country plot.


A very beautiful climbing plant that affects not only the inflorescence, but also unusual leaves. The length of actinidia can reach twenty meters, its foliage is very thick and bulky. During the flowering period, the plant is covered with small bright pink flowers, while the perennial leaves also change - they first become pale green, and then gradually acquire a pinkish hue.

The floral fragrance spreads over the whole country estate. With the onset of autumn actinidia again changes its shade - the foliage on the winding perennial becomes yellow and then red.


Few people have not heard the name of this perennial flower. A four-meter long vine, which is a flexible clematis stem, is sufficient for a spectacular framing of an arch, fence or gazebo.

Clematis flowers are very effective - they are large inflorescences with a pronounced aroma. The perennial color can be anything: cherry, purple, pink or bright blue. Inflorescences simply fascinate with their beauty, and perennial flowers blossom throughout the season - about three months in a row.


Another famous representative of climbing perennials, which can decorate the courtyard of the villa. Flowering honeysuckle is like a magical cloud. Liana is adorned with a thousand small flowers of yellow or pink.

Perennial blooms for a month, this process begins around mid-June. After the fragrant flowers fade, in their place appear small orange berries, which also look effectively against the background of green foliage.

Varieties and varieties of honeysuckle there is a mass, each summer resident will be able to choose a suitable flower.


This is the option, which requires almost no attention from the owner of the villa. Perennial refers to evergreens. For growth, ivy does not need a support, the plant has a lot of suction cups, with which it can cling to almost any surface.

For the winter, ivy will not have to hide - perennial is not afraid of frost. And its bright green carved leaves can decorate any fence, the wall of the building, an arch or a gazebo.

Maiden Grapes

This long-winding culture is often called wild grapes. Liana grows in any conditions, it does not need a specific soil composition or solar regime. In the shade, the grapes will grow just as good as in the sun.

Beautiful carved leaves at a specific time are complemented by small bunches with small black berries. This combination looks very advantageous and is able to decorate any dacha.

To grow a girl's grapes a whip or an arch is needed, the flower clings to it with its antennae. The length of the perennial stems can reach 40 meters, which allows them to entangle them large in area and duration of fences, walls. In addition, the vines can grow in different directions.


This curly perennial came from Japan. The flower is distinguished by unusual inflorescences in the form of large bunches of tender-violet. In addition to the spectacular appearance, the perennial will give the dwellers an extraordinarily rich and delicate aroma.

The height of the wisteria often exceeds 50 meters, so the vines need to be cut periodically, giving them the desired shape. In addition to the most common purple hue, there are flowers of blue and orange tones.

Wisteria does not need to be planted in the northern regions of the country, since the flower does not tolerate frost more than 25 degrees.

How to care for perennial curly flowers

Perennials require minimal maintenance. Their main advantage is that these flowers do not need to be planted every year. There are only a few peculiarities of growing perennial climbers:

  • planting flowers should be in the place at the dacha where no construction or other work is planned, because the lifespan of these flowers can be more than ten years.
  • For perennial growth, perennial must be provided with a suitable support. It is important to consider the way the flower develops (suckers, antennae, etc.).
  • Every year at the beginning of the season, it is necessary to carry out a revision of the flowers: remove the dried shoots, last year's inflorescences, form a bush.
  • Too much to fertilize perennial flowers is not recommended, it will lead to increased growth of foliage, and flowers, on the contrary, will be less. It is enough to make one feed in the beginning of spring.

Important! Do not perform arches for perennials of metal. In winter, the iron cools strongly, which can lead to damage to the lianas resting on it. If the metal support, a curly flower is better to remove from it and to insulate the vine for the winter.

These simple recommendations will help decorate the dacha in an unusual and labor-intensive way. A photo of curly perennial flowers for cottages will become a clue in choosing a variety of flowers.


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