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Plastic Laminated Windows

Each material has a nominal service life, after which a part or all of its properties are lost. This also applies to wood. Although it can be called one of the best options for construction, but the windows that are made of it eventually become worthless and have to choose than to replace them. One option is a laminated plastic profile. Is it really good and how is it made? This will be discussed in the article.

What is the difference between a laminated profile

The windows in the building are chosen to match the interior and exterior appearance of the building. This can affect different curvatures or the size of windows. If we talk about the interior, then the color of the windows plays a special role. If everything is solved with wooden structures quite simply, for example, by choosing the required paint and varnish, then the question for plastic windows is somewhat different. The profile of such products is made of PVC. No paint is incapable of holding onto it well, so a different approach is required. It is necessary to look for an exit because the white window is not always combined with the general background.

If you want to install it plastic, not wooden windows, the ideal solution will be lamination. To put it simply, the laminated profile is still the same white PVC base, on which a special film is applied. The advantage of this solution is the following:

  • nice appearance;
  • additional protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • protection from precipitation;
  • imitation of wood;
  • ecological cleanliness.

Most manufacturers apply a textured film. It exactly repeats the structure of the wood. An inexperienced person will not immediately notice the dirty trick, taking plastic windows as wooden ones. In some cases, such a finish is a must. In buildings that have historical value, municipal services can prohibit the installation of a normal white profile, so laminated plastic windows are a suitable substitute. Laminated windows are perfect for installation in cottages and country houses.

The film, thanks to which the windows are laminated, acts as an additional protective barrier. Due to its features, it has a long service life and does not dry out during operation. In addition, it absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation and prevents the interaction of moisture from the rainfall with the window frame. PVC profile itself is an environmentally friendly product, because it does not have harmful emissions. The same can be said about the film for lamination. Simplicity of care for windows of this type is due to the film's resistance to the effects of most components of household chemicals.

Note! The advantage of laminated windows is the lack of the need to update the paintwork, which reduces operating costs.


Laminated windows have their own varieties, which are determined by the way of lamination. Among them are:

  • one-sided;
  • two-sided;
  • in the mass.

One-sided painting means applying the laminated layer to the profile surface only from the inside or outside. In this case, the heterogeneity of the coloration can be seen by opening the window. The end part will be standard white color. In some cases, this staining will be an excellent solution. For example, white plastic windows do not so much heat in the sun as dark. In this case, the lamination from the inside will be perfectly combined with the interior. Also, the reverse option is possible, when there is a need to combine the color of the windows with the exterior, and inside it needs a white color.

Double-sided lamination of the plastic window is also easy to determine by the end plate. But this kind of lamination has its advantages. For example, the color of the film may not be the same on both sides. Everything will depend on the wishes of the customer. Thanks to this approach it is easier to implement various ideas. But it is worth remembering that the cost of such windows will be slightly higher than that of ordinary whites. Windows with coloring in mass do not differ by color in the end. When manufacturing in PVC, which is the basis for the profile, the corresponding pigment is added. Such windows are quite difficult to distinguish from wooden in the distance. Products of this type are even more expensive than the standard version.

What is the lamination?

The film used for laminating PVC windows is made of the same material. It consists of several layers, and its total thickness is only 0.2 mm. The film is painted with an acrylic additive, the tone of which depends on the customer's request. It is acrylic that provides protection against overheating. The transparent layer of the laminating film consists of polymethyl acrylate and PVC. They give the surface a glossy shade and provide resistance to the effects of unfavorable factors. In the process of making the film, all layers are densely glued together to ensure monolithicity.

The lamination process

Laminated windows are more expensive not only because of their exclusivity. The production process of such products is rather troublesome and long, which increases the figure on the price tag. The first thing PVC PVC profile is degreased. Next, a primer coat is applied, the purpose of which is to increase the adhesion of the film to the profile. In this state, the profile will last for 24 hours. After the expiry of the term, it must be heated to 130 degrees Celsius. It happens in a special installation. After heating, the laminating film is applied to the structure. In addition, a special adhesive is used. After cooling and drying, the film can not be removed.

During the application of the film, small air bubbles may remain below it. To remove them from under the film, the profile moves to another mechanism, where a lot of rollers roll the film, increasing adhesion and simultaneously removing air from under it. The pressure level of each roller is different. When all the procedures are completed, the time for the profile to be set is required. It takes about two weeks. Only after that they start manufacturing frames for plastic windows from the profile. The time for the recruitment of strength is necessary in order to avoid deformation of the profile and detachment of the film from sharp temperature changes. Compared with conventional white designs, the time for manufacturing laminated is somewhat larger. Video about the process of laminating windows can be viewed below.

Note! To perform the lamination of the profile with your own hands does not work at home. It will not be possible to achieve the required adhesion and film application quality. In the factory, the profile goes through several stages, which fix the result. In addition, the process is monitored by specialists. You can order lamination not only for the profile, but also for the glass itself. Because of this, you can reduce the flow of light or give it the properties of a chameleon.

Care of the structure

The process of care for laminated structures is not much different from how a white profile is washed. You can use a variety of household cleaners that do not contain acids or alkalis. It is better to avoid the use of powdered products, as well as bastards with a hard surface. In this case, you can scratch the profile so that dust will always be stored in the damaged areas, which can not be washed.

How to choose

The process of choosing laminated structures is not as simple as it may seem. To have the best products, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • make a budget;
  • choose the type of film;
  • choose a color;
  • choose the type of lamination;
  • choose the invoice;
  • choose fittings.

The buying process is best to start with budgeting, which is planned for laminated windows. You should not save too much. In relation to the manufacturer, it is better to trust the one that has been on the market for a long time and has proven itself from the best side. In this case, there will be confidence not only in the high quality of the product, but also in the fulfillment of obligations for warranty service. After choosing a manufacturer, you need to determine which film will be used for lamination. It is better to take the one that has a foreign producer. The quality of such a film for laminating windows is much higher.

In addition to the manufacturer, the required color is selected, as well as the texture of the film. Textured embossing can be various and also selected according to the needs of the customer. Well, if the fittings will match the color of the selected film, then the entire window design will look harmonious. Do not forget about the number of window cameras. The most common and popular is the five-chamber profile. It can provide not only the required thermal insulation, but also sound insulation. On the accessories it is not necessary to save under any circumstances. The lower its quality, the more often it will be necessary to perform maintenance.


As you can see, laminated windows are not a great luxury. Everyone can order the required color for himself. Before ordering, it is necessary to inquire as to whether the management company or the municipal services have any requirements regarding the color of the window frame. If they are, then they should be adhered to. The number of glazing units also plays a role in thermal insulation. One of the best solutions will be the use of triple-glazed windows.

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