Porch in the country house with their own hands

Porch in the country house with their own hands

When building a porch, it is worth remembering that it should not only be a beautiful, but also a reliable structure. It is also important to take into account the comfort of moving along the steps and the platform in front of the door. To build such a construction with your own hands, you need to know about the stages of construction and the features of such work. But, first of all, it is necessary to choose the basic building material for the porch.

Advantages of the porch made of metal

The advantages of the construction of metal include:

  1. Reliability and long service life.
  2. The metal construction does not sag with time and does not deform. Also, when properly processed, the material does not rust and retains its appearance, being an ornament of the house.
  3. Relatively small weight, if you compare the porch of this material with massive structures of wood.
  4. No need to install a foundation
  5. Aesthetics of the porch.

Possibility to quickly assemble a porch. In the presence of the scheme of the future porch, it is possible to assemble the entire structure in a short period of time. Usually it takes about 3 days.

But such designs have drawbacks. For example, the high cost of the porch, if the elements are made to order. It is worth noting that to create a porch with their own hands it is necessary to have a welding machine and have experience in carrying out work on joining metallic elements. To choose the more suitable type of porch, it is enough to see several photos showing such constructions.

How to build a metal porch

Usually, a metal corner 40x40 mm is used to make the metal porch of the country house. Also profile pipes with a cross section of 20x40 mm are used. The thickness of the metal elements should be at least 3 mm, otherwise the frame can not withstand the load acting on it.

A small metal porch can be made observing a certain sequence:

  1. First, the area is marked out and the string is pulled between the posts. At this point, the geometry of the markup is checked so that all angles are equal to 90 degrees if a standard construction is created.
  2. After that, metal piles are installed at the corners of the marking. If the porch has a large length and width, the supports are placed in the middle. At this stage it is necessary to check the vertical position of each support. If the metal ladder is longer than 3 meters. Under it, additional supports are also installed. Installation is as follows: the ground is digging pipes section of 50x80 mm and are concreted. To maintain the correct position of the head of the supports, they are connected by metal corners.
  3. Then, the length of sawing is equal to the length of the ladder. It is these elements that will be used to install the steps. The lower part of the stairs is mounted on a concrete pillow.
  4. Then, the equal-angle corner is cut into different lengths: dimensions in height, steps, length and width. First, the corners of the smaller length are welded to the base of the ladder, and then the longest elements are fixed between them, which serve as the basis for setting the steps. When welding the supports, the construction level should be used to ensure that the steps are horizontal.
  5. At the final stage, installation of steps from various materials takes place, as well as fixing the construction site. Also there is installation of a canopy, if necessary. Choose the style of decoration is carefully so as not to spoil the appearance of the structure. For this it is sufficient to consider the proposed photos.

Thus, to make a metal porch with your own hands and attach it to the dacha you can in a short period of time, having a minimum knowledge of the process of work. To avoid mistakes during construction, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the proposed photos.

Important! The quality of work depends on the reliability of the structure attached to the house, therefore it is not recommended to make the connection of metal elements without experience.

Advantages of a wooden porch

Wood is the most common material, as it has several advantages over metal and concrete. To them it is possible to carry a simplicity of installation of a design by own hands. Even in the absence of professional skills a person can create a reliable and beautiful wooden porch and attach it to the dacha.

Another advantage is the low cost of materials. The simplest wooden porch with canopy can be created from the elements that remained after the construction of the house. Usually, this requires only a bar with a section of 100x200 mm and edged boards.

Also to the pluses of the porch is to include and beautiful appearance, as can be seen from the proposed photos. With the correct choice of finish, the design becomes an ornament of the house. To decorate a wooden porch you can use colors of various shades, which makes it possible to choose almost any style.

We build a wooden porch with our own hands

The main problem of inexperienced builders is the lack of knowledge about how to install wooden supports under a wooden porch. To avoid errors, you should choose one of the options used by builders:

  1. Concreting wooden support. With this method, the hole under the base is digged to a depth of about 1.2 meters. After that, the wooden support is treated with a protective compound and installed on a gravel or crushed stone pillow about 15 cm thick. After that, the support is installed and the hole is poured with concrete. In order to keep the tree in one position during the pouring process, spacers are created.
  2. Use of a fastener for a wooden base. It is a pin, on the upper part of which is fixed a U-shaped metal fastener with holes for fastening the wooden base. The pin is concreted, and on the surface of the base there is a metal support for the wooden element. This method is more convenient and reliable than the previous one.
  3. Use of a box for supports. If the concrete base for the porch has already solidified, a special box is used that has a metal base for screwing it to the concrete.

Installation of a platform and a ladder is less difficult task, as at this stage it remains only to fix the wooden frame on the supports. To create a porch area with your own hands, you only need to install the beams and fix the cross-pieces on them. To install the most simple staircase, 2 boards with a thickness of at least 5 meters and boards for steps are used. After creating the drawing and calculating the number of steps, the metal corners are attached to the bases, on which the remaining elements will be fixed. It is worth noting that the wooden porch is suitable for almost any home, regardless of the material from which it is built.

Porch of concrete

If you want to attach a reliable construction to your dacha that is not affected by unfavorable factors, it's worth it to make it out of concrete. To change the design of this design, you just need to choose the finishing material you like and replace it with the one that was before.

Also, the advantage of the concrete porch is the simplicity of the construction process, it is enough to create a wooden frame for the pouring and to install the reinforcement inside it. After this, the mixture is created and poured into the formwork.

Before you attach a porch to the house, you should think about connecting it with the foundation of the house. If the shrinkage has already completed, you can drill holes in the basement and install metal pins in them, which will connect the structure with the porch.

If the shrinkage of the house has only just begun, a gasket is created between the foundation and the new concrete structure. Before the beginning of the work, installation of boards, wrapped with ruberoid, takes place. After their completion, the material is removed, and the gap is filled with mounting foam. Thus, to make a porch of concrete with your own hands, if desired, you can and without experience in construction. But in order not to make mistakes, you need to carefully approach the implementation of each operation and view the photo of the whole process.

Porch decoration

When designing a porch, you need to choose a specific style. If this is not done, you can turn a beautiful building into an absurd extension to the dacha, which will cause, instead of admiration, only bewilderment. The following styles are often selected:

  1. Classic. When choosing this option, a two-level canopy is created and chiseled handrails are installed. Also need to install and decorative balusters. To finish the steps and the porch area, a stone or tile is used. To decorate such a structure pots with flowers are used. In the photo you can see all the features of this style.
  2. Country. This style is suitable only if the house is built of wood. The main feature of the porch is the rough processing of the tree. When building in country style, the house should resemble an American ranch or a Mexican hacienda.
  3. European style. This design implies an abundance of clear lines and standard shapes. As the basic finishing material, a stone or tile is used. On the porch in the European style is to place a wicker chair.
  4. French style. The main difference from the previous version of the design is only the presence of a glass door protected by a metal openwork grille.

To determine exactly which style you like more, it's worth considering the photo and presenting such a construction attached to your home. Creating a porch with your own hands is not an easy task, but with a careful approach to work you will not have serious difficulties.

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