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Projects of small two-story houses

A small plot is not a verdict if there is a desire to build a two-story house. The question is only the proper planning and selection of a suitable project. Thanks to the presence of two floors in a small area there is an advantage of the classic placement of rooms and the lack of savings on their space. The article will offer several possible planning options that can be taken as a basis, plus the advantages of two-story buildings will also be discussed.


The construction of a two-story building has a number of advantages over other options. Among them you can list:

  • economical use of the site;
  • space for fantasy flight;
  • the possibility of a unique approach to the design of the facade;
  • wide choice of interior design solutions;
  • the opportunity for everyone to have their own angle;
  • Simplicity of reception of visitors.

It is the two-storey house that will be the ideal solution to the problem when the plot is not too big, and there is still a desire to have a small piece of land next to the house where you can break a small lawn or lawn. Also there is a place for buildings for economic needs. The territory can be used for a garage. A small area requires more careful planning with ennobling than a large one. It should fit everything that is needed and the space should be functional. Without a good imagination, you can not do. If you have design abilities, you can plan everything yourself. You can order a ready-made design and implement it on your own.

The facade of the two-story building has a larger area than the standard house, so its design can also be approached creatively. The combination of different materials will visually increase the building and give it a nice appearance. There are no restrictions with respect to the finishing materials. In a course it is possible to start up a natural stone, metal, glass, wood, to decorate some sites by forging or carving. The organization of the internal space also opens up scope for exclusive solutions. One of them can be the unification of premises and the creation of a second light. You can provide a guest room, where it will always be convenient to receive friends.


There are also nuances in the two-story houses, which must be taken into account when choosing a project. One of them is an increase in the budget for the whole project. On the one hand, the issue is related to the need for additional building materials for the second floor. But it happens that with a larger area of ​​a single-storey building, approximately the same amount of building material is used. Another factor is a different approach to the construction of the foundation. The load of the building is two stories more than from a one-storey building, so it will be necessary to build a more powerful structure, which requires funds.

The living quarters are arranged in two levels, which means that a larger number of communications will be required. The system itself will have more ramifications than in a single-story building. This applies to the electrical network, water supply, sewage and heating. The issue of conditioning and ventilation should also be properly addressed. The exterior and interior decoration of a two-story house is more dangerous than a one-story house. This is due to the need to install forests and platforms, from which the work will be done.

The approach to planning will depend on whether there are elderly members in the family. If this is the case, then their rooms should be located on the first floor, since climbing even over a small span may be a problem. In addition, it is necessary to understand that the ladder itself represents a danger. This also applies to children, so the upgrade to the second floor should be as thoughtful and safe as possible. The house should be warm, and the amount of insulation for a two-storey building is almost doubled compared to a one-story building, which will result in additional costs.

Ready-made projects

Above is presented a design of a structure in two floors, which can be constructed of timber or wood trim. The total size of the project is 7 by 8 meters. It turns out that the total area that will be available for planning is 112 m2. With this area on the first floor, you can place all the standard rooms. It can be seen that in the project the bathroom has two entrances, which is quite convenient, since it is possible to get to it directly from the bedroom.

There is a large area where you can receive guests. This was achieved by applying in the project the reception of displaced premises, which was mentioned above. Angular placement of the kitchen unit allowed the best use of space, leaving its main part under the living room and dining room. With this distinction, the project will require good sound insulation of internal walls, since the sound of the TV and noise from the kitchen can be carried to the bedroom. The project provides for a small hallway, which simultaneously serves as an air vestibule for keeping heat in the house.

The second floor of the project can be called a sleeping area. The guest room can be located here or on the first floor. A special mood is attached to the project by the presence of a bay window, through which another functional area is formed, which is easy to use under the cabinet.

Such a project can be implemented on a site that has an area of ​​only 70 square meters. At the same time, there will be room for a garage and a recreation area. This project does not use reception reception, but the kitchen has an interesting place, which is located under the stairs. At the same time, the total kitchen area of ​​the project is 12 square meters, which is enough to allow the landlady or the owner to move freely while cooking. The child's writing desk or study is in the bedroom on the first floor.

It can be seen that the project on the first floor is only a bathroom, but it does not fit a bath or even a shower. You can solve the problem in several ways. One of them is to reduce the area of ​​the kitchen to leave space for the installation of a shower cubicle.

Another solution in the project may be the redevelopment of the second floor. As you can see, the bedroom on the second floor has impressive dimensions with an area of ​​18 square meters. From them you can leave only 10, taking the rest of the space to a full bathroom. This will require the finalization of the project in terms of supply of communications, but the house will become more convenient.

The variant of the above project can have different ways of finishing the facade, as regards the color and the material itself. Despite the small dimensions of the two-story house, the project managed to achieve an ideal and convenient planning of premises both on the first and second floor. The kitchen, living room and hallway, where there is a flight of stairs, are made on the principle of open-space. Due to the lack of internal walls for the project, it was possible to expand the space both visually and in fact.

It is clear that the area has a functional distinction, this is different from the first project, where such a decision was not implemented. Due to the fact that the tile is laid near the kitchen set, practicality is increasing, because the floor with such a flooring is easier to clean. Although the project involves the use of only a shower cubicle, but space is sufficient to install a bath.

The second level has an excellent layout, which should arrange all family members. Even with the reception of guests do not have to cram. In this case, one of the rooms on the second floor can be turned from a bedroom into an office, if remote work is available. Interior design is carried out by natural materials. On the floor can be laid parquet board or laminate with a single contour, which visually combines all available space. Another project of a small two-story house can be seen in the video below.

Note! Garage in the implementation of the project in a small area can be located both next to the building, and directly below it. This will slightly increase the cost of the foundation, but will allow more space in the yard.


As you can see, even a small area can be used in the best way with a competent drafting of the project. If it is necessary to build a house in a short time, then it is better to use frame technology. For more energy saving, foam blocks are suitable, which have a low weight. With the help of a competent superintendent, most of the work on the project can be implemented independently.

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