Repair in a small bedroom

Repair in a small bedroom

In the apartments of the old fund and new buildings you can often find small rooms, which many try to adapt to the bedroom. It's not easy to make repairs in a small bedroom, but you can turn ordinary routine repairs into a creative process. The bedroom should be not only beautiful and cozy, but also moderately functional, therefore it is necessary to approach repair in it very seriously and in a complex way.

Design project

Each repair, as a rule, begins after the design and style that they want to see is chosen. They are needed in order to imagine what the bedroom will look like after the work is done, once the repair is completed. The project should include a general style of a small room, zoning, furniture arrangement, design. This stage implies the extension of many ideas for the bedroom and the search for the one that will fit.

Do not forget that a man in the bedroom should rest and relax, so it is better not to implement too much extravagant options, but rather leave it for the living room. At the moment there are several styles that perfectly fit into the small bedroom and decorate it.

Snow-white bedroom

Especially this color of walls and accessories will look great if the bedroom is on the sunny side. A snow-white tint visually expands the space and makes the room airy. To see such design it is possible on a photo:

Classic bedroom

Classics never goes out of fashion, including in the design of interiors. It seems that ordinary details, such as a simple bed, simple curtains and a small carpet will bring comfort to the bedroom interior and create a special style, as in the photo.


This style looks best in the small bedroom of a private house and gives the room a cosiness.


The absence of extra things in the bedroom, as in the presented photos, will help to relax after a long day in an atmosphere of free space. To create such a bedroom will not need a lot of money or energy. It's enough to buy nice, simple wallpaper, put a bed, add it all with a light carpet and bedside tables.

East style

This design is quite relevant for small bedrooms. He is able to move to a fabulous eastern distance, as in a photo from children's books.

Mirror diversity

Decorating the bedroom with a lot of mirrors can achieve a significant increase in space. Especially relevant is the design for white-painted wall decoration, as in the photo.

Features of the repair of their hands

After the main design is conceived, it is possible to proceed directly to a very pleasant part of the bedroom repair - it is the purchase of the material and the very process of converting an ordinary small room into a dream bedroom.

Material selection

Small bedrooms need to be trimmed with materials that will visually enlarge the space.

The bedroom floor is finished with laminate or parquet only light colors. If you lay the boards diagonally, you can play on a visual increase in space. This type of laying is presented in the photo. Any light-tone material is suitable for the ceiling. But you do not need to make a two-level ceiling, so it can reduce the height of the room.

Wallpaper is best to choose a soft shade with a neutral or floral pattern. An excellent option would be linens with a vertical strip. If walls are painted, then they do it only with bright colors. In order to diversify the design of the room, one wall can be painted in a more saturated color, combined with the main one.

Once all the materials are ready, you need to prepare the tools so that while repairs are done you do not need to look for them, and be distracted. Judging by the works that will be performed and the instrument is prepared.

To measure the room you need to use a tape measure, to determine the flatness of walls and ceiling use a level or plumb. Be sure to have at hand a meter ruler and a rectangle, for aligning the corners.

If the room is to be dismantled old and unnecessary partitions you need a sledge hammer, pliers, hammer and scrap, as well as various screwdrivers. In order to perform channels for wiring you will need a chisel, a perforator, a drill with a set of drills.

For sawing wooden surfaces, it may be necessary to use an electric jigsaw or a hacksaw; for the walls to be painted, a grinding machine is needed before painting.

For the treatment of surfaces with plaster, spatulas of different sizes will be needed, and for painting and pasting, rollers and brushes will be needed. Do not forget about such necessary little things, like buckets, rags, vacuum cleaners, masks, glasses, respirators.

Workflow process

Before moving on to work, you need to write a plan of action on a large sheet and hang it in a prominent place. Usually repairs are performed in this order:

Dismantling unnecessary partitions, increasing the size of the room.

If these works are carried out, then they necessarily agree with the BTI. If the actions are not agreed, then they are considered illegal and it is possible to impose a fine.

Removal of old coatings.

The wallpaper is removed mechanically. The plaster can be removed with a damp cloth or sponge.

Work with electricity.

Preliminary it is necessary to note those places where the light sources and sockets will be located, and also to establish the internal mechanisms for these parts.

Aligning walls and ceiling.

If you subsequently install a suspended ceiling or thick wallpaper, as well as a liquid wallpaper, then it is not necessary to perform alignment.

Decorative finishing of all surfaces in the room.

Selection of furniture and accessories

The choice of furniture for a small bedroom should be done responsibly, because in such a room you can not install a large bed, a massive wardrobe or other pieces of furniture that are appropriate in a spacious room.

Important! The main approach for a small bedroom is the use of only the most necessary.

So you can save space for installing a wide and comfortable bed, as this is the number one item in the bedroom. Bedside tables are easily replaced by shelves, which are built into the head of the bed.

In a small bedroom it is best to use a low bed without legs and massive details. An example of the model is presented in the photo. Under it you can mount a place for storing bedding and other necessary items in the bedroom. If the area of ​​the room is sufficient, you can install a closet in the bedroom, preferably with a coupe mechanism, a dressing room or a chest of drawers.

Furniture is best used with ordinary corners, since rounded ones are able to steal part of the space. All pieces of furniture are best placed around the perimeter, and the bed is centered, while leaving the entrance free.

Enlarge the room will help installed in one or more places mirror. If the bedroom has a wardrobe, then it must necessarily be with mirrored doors. If the mirrors are hung in front of the window, then the light reflected from them will give a sense of spaciousness.

Opposite the bed, you can install a flat TV on the wall. Its surface will also create more open space in reflection.

Particular attention in a small bedroom is given to lighting. A large chandelier in such a room is inappropriate, it will be best to look at small lamps in the corners of the room or point at different levels.

Space optimization

For the fact that the bedroom did not seem too small, the following conditions must be observed:

  • Install the bed in the center.
  • In order to have freedom of action near the bed, the distance from the entrance to it must be at least 1 m.
  • The rest of the furniture is placed so that the distance between the bed and objects is not less than 70 cm.
  • The approach to the window is better not to obstruct.
  • The space on the walls is best used for placing shelves, so as not to install extra cabinets and nightstands. One of the ideas is presented in the photo.

For repair in a small bedroom you can use ready-made ideas, and you can use your own. But it is necessary to observe the basic conditions so that the already small room does not seem even smaller. Repair in a small bedroom is a kind of exam for a sense of style and taste.

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