Repair of an apartment in a new building

Repair of an apartment in a new building

Almost always new housing is purchased by a happy new settler from the developer's company without interior finishing and repair, but with communications connected to the apartment. Firstly, such a housing in a new building will be cheaper, and secondly, almost always the repair and arrangement of an apartment by the developer is carried out extremely casually, using cheap materials. Thirdly, there is a desire to perform some stages of repairing an apartment with your own hands or with the hands of good masters.

How to start repairing an apartment in a new building

To begin with, it is necessary to make an audit and inspection of the apartment, to establish problem areas of walls, ceilings and floors. Then proceed in the following order. We determine that it requires repair and finishing first. If time and money for a complete renovation of an apartment is not enough, it is necessary to put in order first of all:

  • Entrance door and windows, ventilation of the apartment;
  • To carry out high-grade and as much as possible high-quality electroconducting and distribution of sockets on an apartment. This stage should be thought through as much as possible in detail, draw up a connection diagram and a circuit of laying wires in the walls;
  • Connect water and collect sewage in the bathroom and toilet, install the toilet, wash basin and shower;
  • If the start time of repairing an apartment in a new building has coincided with the heating season, be sure to check with a remote thermometer the degree of heating of aluminum registers.
Advice! Before starting the repair, the list of claims for lack of defects or defects must be presented to the representative of the seller. Perhaps you will be able to get compensation for repairs in a new building. Do not settle for an alteration by the firm.

In the process of carrying out these preparatory works, it is possible to calculate the sequence of repairs in a new building.

What affects the repair sequence in an apartment in a new building

Much in the repair of housing in a new building depends on the availability of resources of time and money. Having bought a "naked" apartment and having issued the necessary documents for the right to own, you automatically start paying rent and house, for using the house territory, for the removal of household waste and construction debris. After connecting electricity and water, a new apartment in a new building started to incur a loss in the form of costs for its maintenance and finishing. The longer the repair time of an apartment in a new building, the more expensive it will cost you.

There are two main options for approaching the issue of finishing a new apartment in a new building:

  1. Scheduled repairs and finishing of the apartment. In this case, the owners draw up a detailed map and a schedule for finishing works, in which all the main types of finishing and installation of devices are prescribed in stages. Such repairs, as a rule, are carried out from scratch to its completion by a team of masters. The deadline for the repaired object may take several weeks or months. The drawbacks of this approach are the constantly growing price and cost of work, sometimes exceeding the estimated costs by more than two times. As a result, if due to unforeseen circumstances the funds are not enough, the repair can be delayed for an indefinite period.
  2. Quick repair from scratch. In this case, all the above stages of repair in the new building are performed by the hands of hired craftsmen with direct control of the quality of work on your part. The apartment in the new building will be prepared for further finishing of the rooms during the week. In addition to communications, they trim and equip the smallest room of the apartment with the laying of temporary linoleum and wallpaper gluing. In such a room, there is still no comfort, but it can be used as a dwelling, a temporary shelter and a warehouse for building materials. All other works are performed as available funds and time.

The first option will work well if the family has small children or elderly people who need to provide some comfort and convenience. The second option is considered more economical and quick, especially if after finishing the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and one room, the apartment is rented out, with subsequent completion of the remaining rooms of the new building to condition.

We repair the apartment with our own hands and head

Among the most popular horror stories for new buildings, it is customary to consider stories about the shrinkage of the walls of the house and its foundation. In reality, such a process for a multi-storey building must be completed by the time the building is put into operation. Such period on the average makes no more than 18 months. If in 1.5 years in the corners, ceiling overlap or at the joints and in the masonry walls, cracks are formed, the tiles in the bathroom fall off, the laths with the skewing of the doors are deformed, which means that the new building has certain problems with the stability of the basement. With repair it is necessary to wait until the main thing is clarified - what happens to the new building.

How to start repairs in a new building

Before starting work, first check the lock on the front door. The model and standard equipment of the door can be the subject of a separate agreement. Specify in the annex to the contract, which model of the door and lock must be installed. If there was a need to take additional security measures, first of all change the lock delivered at delivery of the new building.

At the next stage it is necessary to solve the issue of installing a distribution switchboard, connecting an electricity meter. This will give an opportunity to start using an electric tool for repairing an apartment. To get rid of the need to use a large number of carriers and extension cords, plan the layout of the wiring in the apartment. In doing so, please note the following:

  • For the kitchen and bathroom, the wiring should be laid in hermetic hoses, sleeves;
  • Separate the residential wire the wire in the bathroom to connect the boiler or washing machine. The cross-section of the cable must be rated for a current of at least 25 A;
  • An additional wire must be routed to the installation site of the air conditioner;
  • In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the hall, it is necessary to conduct a wire, which will be connected and used in the future with the organization of additional grounding.
Advice! When laying the wiring, use only a copper cable without twists and splices.

In addition to electricity, to create more or less normal conditions, it is necessary to connect water meters for hot and cold water and collect sewerage in the bathroom and toilet. Begin the work with the installation of a toilet and washbasin.

Given that good plumbing is expensive, at first you can install an inexpensive version of the toilet, collect and connect plastic sewer pipes, bellows and washbasin sink. During the renovation of the apartment plumbing can be replaced at any time. Installation expensive plumbing increases the risk of damage to it during the repair, it must be installed at the final stage of repair of new buildings.

To lay a plastic water pipe with a perforator, we can channel channels in the walls of the bathroom, toilet, kitchen depth 2.5-3cm. Next, you need to solder the water pipes and connect the leads to the drain tank and washbasin. Lastly, we install and connect water meters to cold and hot water to the domestic water supply.

Roughing operations

Before starting to work, you will need to perform a large amount of cleaning of the remains of concrete, mortar. The main part will be for the rough cleaning of walls, floor, ceiling, their shtroblenie, leveling and trimming seams. Such work gives a lot of dirt and dust, so it will be necessary to organize good ventilation and wet cleaning inside the new building.

Separate paragraph should be allocated preparation of floors in each of the rooms for finishing. During the repair in the apartment it will be necessary to repair all cracks, holes in the seams between the slabs, in the floor, in the interroom piers of the new building. The most difficult is the leveling of the floor with a screed made of cement mortar and reinforcing mesh. This procedure will have to be performed after the completion of the preparation of the walls and ceiling for finishing.

Similar work can be done in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Carrying out of finishing works

After a rough cleaning it will be necessary to prepare the walls in the kitchen and toilet for laying the tiles on the walls and floor. Facing tiles can be laid with their own hands, but it's a troublesome business and it takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to entrust the laying of tiles to masters specializing in this kind of finishing. While there are works on laying the tiles, you can repair yourself in one of the rooms of the apartment. The best option would be to put decorative plaster or liquid wallpaper on the walls. If, at the time of the start of the renovation in the apartment, new windows in the windows were in satisfactory condition, then plastering on the walls of the room can be started immediately.

When the tiles are laid on the floor and walls in the kitchen, in the bathroom and toilet, you need to lay an inexpensive linoleum in the corridor connecting the three rooms and the room in which the repair is done using decorative plaster. This will reduce the amount of dust lifted and simplify cleaning in the apartment.

The most important stages of repairing a new building

Before finishing the walls in the apartment you need to align, and in case of a defect, repair the interior doors. If in your future plans you have to glue wallpaper, normally closed doors are just necessary for high-quality work on wallpapering. After the finishing of the walls is completed, we proceed to laying linoleum, laminate or carpet on the floor of the apartment. The most practical is considered a laminate for living rooms, for the corridor office version of linoleum with increased resistance to abrasion. This type of work does not require special qualifications and is easily carried out by oneself during the renovation of a new building.


The final stage of repair is the connection of lighting fixtures and the installation of furniture in the apartment. Approximately 70% of the amount of work during the repair in a new building is fully accessible for self-fulfillment. And only when performing special types of finishing - laying parquet, installing stretch ceilings, installing insulating glass or entrance doors in a new building, you will need specialist services.

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