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Sealing of garage doors with own hands

When constructing a garage, some allow minor errors, which adversely affect the thermal insulation properties of this room. One of the main sources of heat loss is the gate. Therefore, in their manufacture and installation it is extremely important to properly insulate them. In this case, the insulation must be complex, otherwise it will not give any result.

In this article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the details of which sealer is best to choose. After reading this article, you will see the truth of the statement, the sealing of the garage doors "do it yourself" is quite real and without involving a specialist.

What is the sealer for?

Whatever gateway to the garage you have installed, they will have cracks. At the same time it does not matter, there will be these folding, swinging, sliding and the like. Through the formed slits in the cold season penetrates the cold. To eliminate heat losses, the correct solution is to seal the valves. If you are good at this job, you can completely eliminate the possibility of cold air entering through the door slits.

Attention! A good sealant in addition to thermal insulation will also have a positive effect on waterproofing properties. Moisture and dampness will not penetrate inside the garage.

Today you can meet the opinion that only metals made of metal should be compacted. However, if you have a wooden gate, they also need it.

At what stage is it necessary to install a seal for the garage door? In most cases, this is done during the construction phase, namely when installing the gate. If these jobs were not performed, then the seal can be fixed after a time. Just note that it is quite easy to perform this work. First, let's look at what material is best used in this case.

Varieties of sealing material

In today's market, you can find a variety of seals, which will successfully cope with the task. Let's consider the main types of seals.

  • Rubber compressor. This material is considered the most common and popular. Rubber seal for garage doors will completely rid of uneven cracks, through which penetrate the streams of cold air. This material has different types and shapes, for example, tubular, in the form of tape or flat. The choice will depend on the size of the slot.
  • Silicone sealant. This heater is suitable for different types of surface. Most often it is produced in the form of a ribbon, which has great softness and elasticity. Thanks to this, it is very easy to level out the gaps formed.
  • The brush seal. Mainly used for sectional doors. The material is impregnated with a special compound, due to which their operating time will be quite long. The brush sealant can easily be cleaned from possible contaminants.
  • Polyurethane foam seal. Its main feature is that after laying it will take on the necessary shape, filling the entire gap space.

This, perhaps, the main materials that can be successfully used for garage doors. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Choose a seal for garage doors is based on the type and design features:

  1. For swing gates, the best solution is a brush sealant, which is impregnated with wax. It will last you about 8 years, or even more. In the market you can find this material with different kinds of impregnation.
  2. It is best to fix the rubber or silicone sealant to fixed components.

So, in each individual case, the choice should be made individually. In addition, the thickness of the gap also affects the choice.

Homemade Sealant

Separately it is necessary to say about self-made seals, which are made from improvised means. For example, you can use an old rubber tire. The end result will depend on your skills. Some use a solid garden hose. In this case, the final result will not be inferior to the material purchased. Plus, you will save money and be able to show your creativity.

On the other hand, the choice of source material should be approached responsibly. It should be strong enough. If you are worried about fire safety, then the material must be treated with special compounds. Also, the seal should not be too rigid, otherwise with closed gates the slots can stay.

Important! The essence of the heater is that when the gate is closed, it completely overlaps the existing slot. Therefore, it must be deformable with the possibility of returning to its original position.

Features of gate insulation with their own hands

So, let's consider the main features and sequence of the gate insulation. The process itself is not complicated. The main thing is to carry out the preparatory work in a qualitative way. First of all, you should choose the material used, whether it is bought or homemade. Also it is necessary to make "diagnostics" of garage doors. This includes the following:

  1. Where there are cracks (bottom, top or sides).
  2. The thickness of the gap.
  3. How and what to compact the mobile and fixed elements of the structure.
  4. Surface quality.

In a detailed analysis, the output is called for by itself. If the gap is small, then a thin and elastic material is needed, which, when closing the sash, will not create unnecessary stress on the canopies. If the gap is large, then a larger and more rigid heater is required, which completely closes the gap.

Particular attention should be given to the method of securing the seal. If you bought it ready, then some have an adhesive surface. In this case, the surface of the door leaf and fixed elements must be carefully prepared. If there is rust, then it should be cleaned. There are many tools for this. To keep the insulation securely, it may be necessary to degrease the surface with appropriate compounds.

When you have decided on the type of material and the method of fixing it, you need to make the correct measurements. Here the rule is - several times measure, cut once. Therefore, after making the measurements, cut the material with a small margin of up to 100 mm. Afterwards, carefully fix the material on the seams at the bottom, top and side of the gate.

When the work is completed, it is worth checking. To do this, close the doors and make sure that the slots are completely missing. To do this, you can go inside the garage and see if there is a gap. If not, then you coped with the work perfectly.

We dispel myths and misconceptions

Today, you can hear a lot of different opinions about this issue. Some of them do not deserve special attention, as they are not supported by facts. So, one of the myths is that there is no long-lasting sealant. This is not true! There are quality materials that will last for many years. Once you seal the gate one day, you will forget about it for many years.

Also there is an opinion that it is enough to insulate the gates themselves, and not slots. Even if you use the most modern thermal insulation material on the frame of the gate, the presence of gaps will reduce the effectiveness of insulation. For this reason, the gaps are necessarily condensed. Among other things, there is an opinion that there is only one good material. It's just a cheap marketing move. Each of the above seals in this article has its advantages and disadvantages. And in each case will be effective in its own way.

So, we learned with you that the seal of the garage door can be completely done by yourself. Additionally, we offer you to view the prepared video material, which will clearly show you how to cope with the task.

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