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What can be done from a plastic bottle

Empty plastic bottles create a lot of inconvenience. In the trash can not throw them, as only two abandoned bottles instantly fill it. Many people are wondering what can be done from plastic bottles and how to use them with profit in the household. If you think about it and show a little imagination, it turns out that almost everything can be made from a plastic bottle, from the feeder to the original garden gazebo.

Home products

Consider what is useful for household use can be made from a simple plastic bottle. One such useful product is a cosmetic bag. To carry out the bag will need two containers of 5 liters in volume.

And from the bottoms of ordinary bottles of 1.5 and 2 liters, you can easily make cup holders, photos.

Original boxes

Various trifles, for example, coils with threads, pencils, small toys will be perfectly stored in neat boxes made in a special style. A certain design will be given to them by the upper fabric part, which is sewn to the cut off bottle and tied in the form of a pouch. Such a container is decorated to your taste: children's patches, ribbons, ribbons, beads, buttons, etc., photo. On the plastic part sticking stickers or carved figures. These boxes will taste like children, they will like to collect their treasures in them, which will have a beneficial effect on cleanliness in the house.

Holder for mobile

From a plastic bottle of 0.5 liters you can build a very useful holder for a mobile phone. It will be needed if there is no place to put the device near the outlet from which you can charge the phone. To build such a holder, the plastic container is cut so that the mobile can be placed in the vertical position, and a circular hole is cut for the place of connection of the plug and the outlet.

Dispenser for polyethylene bags

If you are bored with polyethylene bags lying around the kitchen, the dispenser for packages from a plastic bottle will help to place them in one place. To do this, a 3-liter capacity is suitable. She cuts the bottom and neck in a narrow place and down her head is attached to the door. In the upper wide opening, the bags can be folded, and from the lower narrow one it is convenient to take out one bag each.

Baby bracelets

Children will like funny bracelets made of plastic bottles, especially if you give them too to participate in the process of creating them. A half-liter plastic container is wrapped in several places with a double-sided adhesive tape and cut out even rings in the form of bracelets. Then they remove the protective film from them and glue multicolored, sized flaps of felt or other dense fabric to the sticky surface. To this surface, beads, bows, buttons and other small accessories are sewn.

Original curtain

If you want to surprise the guests, you can collect and hang in the room a stylish curtain from the bottoms of plastic bottles. Especially it will fit into the interior in the style of high-tech or modern. Of course, the longer and larger you want the curtain, the more you will need bottles to make it. In plastic containers with a volume of 1-1.5 liters, cut the bottom in such a way that it resembles a flower. Closer to the edges of a hot needle make holes and stretch a line in them. Then they collect all the flowers on a line in the form of a curtain. This decoration is usually hung in the doorway or at the window. The color of the curtain can be changed by choosing colored bottles, or using a spray paint to decorate the product to your liking.

To produce a stunning effect, in the middle of each flower a hole is punched and a diode is inserted. Then the curtain can shine like a beautiful garland.

Flower pots

From the bottle you can make original flower pots. Some cut out a hole on the side of the tank, some cut in half. In this case, the imagination is limitless. And if you cut and decorate bottles in a certain way, you will get such masterpieces.

Products from plastic bottles for cottages

Of course, there are more applications for empty plastic bottles in the summer residence. Of these, devices for irrigation, fences, ornaments, interior details for the country house and other useful things are being built.


One of the simplest designs from a plastic bottle is a sprinkler. It is done very easily: in a plastic bottle pierce a lot of holes with an awl or make incisions with scissors. Then the ready irrigator is buried near the plants so that only the neck looks out of the ground. After this, water is poured into it, which gradually seeps, will irrigate the earth.

Also for convenient watering, the well-known water-spray is actively used, which is done by piercing the lid in several places.

Plastic lamps for cottages

If there is not enough lamp or chandelier in your holiday home, you can easily make an original and interesting version of plastic bottles without problems. To do this, empty containers with a volume of 0.5 liters in the amount of 35-50 pieces are suitable. The top parts of the bottles are cut so that the petals turn out, which then spread and form the desired shape, photo.

Then, transparent flowers are painted in any color to taste with the help of spray paint. You can also decorate them in two or three colors. All products are attached with wire to the wire ring and suspended from the ceiling by a rope.

There are options and other fixtures that frame and mask a simple light bulb. Above all, do not allow the plastic elements to touch the light bulb, otherwise they will melt and give a very unpleasant smell. You can also use an energy-saving lamp that does not heat up so much.

Enclosure for beds

Many gardeners are wondering what can be done from bottles for a flower bed that would perform a certain function and at the same time look beautiful and aesthetic. This option includes a barrier of empty bottles. It is very simple to make it, just stick plastic products into the ground along the entire border of the bed. Only first they should be filled with sand and covered with a lid. The advantages of this fencing are obvious: the land is not washed down by downpours, and always look neat.

To install this fence you need a lot of empty bottles, so you will have to collect them for a long time. They should be the same size.

Decorative decorations for country house

From bottle plastic, you can make decorative flowers and butterflies, they decorate a metal fence in the country, flower pots, hang on a tree, etc. Petals or butterfly wings are cut with plastic scissors, and then melt the edges to make them fit. When heated, the plastic takes on a fairly good form. To form the stem, use a thick wire. Stamens make from beads, the product is decorated with different colors. It turns out very beautiful and original, photo.

If you want to decorate your site with large spectacular pieces, make a palm using green and brown plastic bottles. But first they need to cut off the bottom. The trunk is made of a wooden or metal rod, on which the brown bottles are threaded with a neck down. Branches are obtained by stringing green bottles on curved rods. The edges of green bottles do not forget to decorate in the form of leaves.

Very cute are the different merry little animals in the suburban area. Recently, they often decorate not only summer cottages, but also the adjacent territories in front of multi-storey buildings. With their lovely appearance, they raise the mood not only for children, but also for adults. What can be done from empty plastic bottles? The simplest is the mumps. You just need to cut and bend the ears, attach the tail and paint. But there are many artifacts and more complex ones. Very often do swans, hedgehogs, kittens and other characters. Here are some more examples of what can be done from plastic bottles, video.

Path from bottles

From the bottoms of plastic bottles you get a very beautiful and useful path. Take into account that they should be laid on loose sand, so that the details can well fit them. This excludes the possibility of deformation during walking. This track has a useful advantage - it perfectly makes a foot massage.

Household products for cottages from plastic containers

If you want to do something useful from an empty plastic bottle, we can offer several options.


Only one empty bottle can be made a convenient street wash basin. A plastic container with a closed lid and a cut bottom is turned upside down with a neck and suspended from the base. Then fill the bottle with water. If the lid is slightly unscrewed, the water will pour out. By the way, this washbasin is very important for a picnic. It will take a little space and it can be hung to any tree.

The bottom of the washbasin still better not to cut to the end, and leave it as a cover, which can easily be closed and opened. It is needed to protect water from getting leaves, insects and other debris.

Trap for mosquitoes

To sit quietly in the evening, you can not do without a trap for mosquitoes. Make it very simple. It is necessary to cut off the top of the bottle and put it into the other part with the neck down. To insects more readily flew into a trap, you should darken it with a cloth or paper.

The bait is made from sugar-yeast syrup. A trap with such content will attract not only mosquitoes, but also flies, wasps and bees. Do not forget to clean it only periodically.

Tool boxes

To make boxes fit more than a bottle of rectangular shape. One side of the bottles is marked with a marker and is cut with scissors. That's all the boxes are ready. In them it is convenient to store various trifles: nails, bolts, screws, dowels, nozzles and so on.

Greenhouses, gazebos and other structures made of plastic bottles

Enterprising people try to save and come up with an expensive alternative to plastic bottles.

About 600 empty plastic containers are used for such a construction. The greenhouse of bottles has even better properties than the usual of dense polyethylene. It keeps the temperature well, strong, easy to assemble and weighs little.

Also very original look at the site of the arbor for plastic bottles. Pre-empty containers are filled with sand and used as bricks.

  • Puff from plastic bottles

  • Broom from plastic bottles

  • Scarecrow with his own hands

  • Flamingo from plastic bottles with your own hands

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