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Types of lining and its application

The use of lining as a finishing material for internal and external surfaces has been used for a long time. But, unfortunately, until now, not everyone understands what is the kind of decoration, and what kinds of lining are on the market.

This ignorance is facilitated by the fact that manufacturers every year expand the range, offering more advanced and high-tech material.

In order to dispel all the myths and to confirm the known information, it is worthwhile to study independently the main aspects that concern the choice of lining.

Main advantages

Naturalness and environmental safety. Panels are produced only from natural materials, hardwood wood. This ensures the purity of the material and its safety for human health.

To be sure that the raw material for production grows in environmentally friendly places, you must always ask the seller for the relevant quality certificates for the goods.

Aesthetic appeal. A unique and never repeating drawing of a tree, allows you to create a very beautiful calving material. A variety of shades and colors, allows you to actively use it for designers in their projects. With the help of such a finishing material, you can not only change the interior of living rooms, but also make the facade of any building more attractive.

Durability. Due to the fact that the sheets of lining are well impregnated with various protective compounds, the surface obtained will last for several decades. The sheets are so closely adhered when stacked with each other that in the end a very strong surface is obtained, which protects the external or internal walls well from the influence of external factors. This allows you to create the most favorable for life microclimate in the house.

Simplicity of packing. Laying is available even to those who absolutely do not understand anything in construction. The ease of installation is very attractive to the consumer, because having spent a little time studying the basic rules of wall finishing by self-balancing, it is possible to save a substantial amount of money for the payment of skilled labor.

Good way of soundproofing. When laying the lining, a small air gap is created between its surface and the wall of the house, which prevents the penetration of extraneous sounds, and provide silence in the house.

Affordable pricing policy. The cost of lining varies in a fairly wide range, which allows everyone to choose the most economical option. Also it should be noted that the installation does not require thorough preparation of the foundation, which helps reduce the estimate of finishing works.

Materials for the production of lining and their characteristics

As a rule, depending on what basic material is used in the production of lining, it is divided into plastic and wooden. Each of them has its own individual characteristics and application features.

Plastic lining

Lining made of plastic is one of the types of PVC panels. This synthetic material has a rather diverse decorative appearance. But it absolutely does not withstand even minor mechanical influences. The advantages of plastic lining are:

  • absolute moisture resistance. Panels are not susceptible to mold or fungus formation, plastic does not rot, and does not deteriorate from prolonged exposure to moisture;
  • low cost. As a rule, plastic panels are much cheaper than panels made of wood;
  • a variety of color solutions. Plastic in the production process can acquire absolutely any color and shade, which allows you to diversify the assortment of plastic lining.

Wooden lining

The lining made of wood is more solid and, undoubtedly, attracts by its naturalness. But at the same time do not forget about some of the features of its application:

  • like any tree, such a lining requires careful handling from fungus, mold, and moisture. Proceeding from such features, wooden lining is not worth walling in the bathroom and in other rooms with high humidity;
  • Do not forget that wooden panels are very flammable material;

    TheAttention! Antipirent impregnation of walls finished with wooden panels should be carried out every year.
  • the cost of finishing material made of wood, as a rule, an order of magnitude higher than others.

But, despite some shortcomings, the natural beauty of the tree and that amazing microclimate in the room, which can create only a tree, can not leave very many consumers indifferent.

Types of plastic and wooden lining

Lining - panel. It has a smooth and perfectly flat surface. The thickness of the material allows the panels not to deform even under strong mechanical influences. The paneling attracts with its strength and unique beauty of the picture of the tree from which it is made.

Block house. By its technical characteristics, this panel is very similar to the wall beam. The difference lies in the fact that the surface of the panel-hausa panels has a rounded shape.

Evrovagonka. Allows the creation of particularly durable surfaces due to longer spikes and deep grooves in the locking joint of parts.

American. This kind of panels is mounted overlapping, which makes it possible to create surfaces that are more resistant to external aggressive manifestations.

Peasant woman. Its installation allows you to create perfectly smooth surfaces, with virtually no visible seams and joints. It is used, as a rule, for the decoration of the ceiling.

Depending on the size and method of connection, the lining is divided into suture and seamless.

For the decoration of surfaces inside the house, a suture version is usually used. It is thinner, and not as wide as a seamless option, allows you to sheathe any designs.

The seamless type of material is wider and thicker, but due to the variety of color solutions, it is actively used for walling the wall surfaces of bathrooms, hallways, balconies, kitchens, etc.

Classification of wooden lining

Buying a wooden lining, it is worth to understand what class belongs to this or that product. Depending on the quality of the raw materials, four main grades of wood lining are distinguished:

  1. Premium class can have only those panels, whose surface does not contain any flaws, knots and other defects.
  2. "A" class is assigned to the lining, in the production of which the core of the bar is not used, and on the surface of 1.5 meters in length there are no defects of more than one example (knot, cleavage crack).
  3. "B" class provides for the presence of defects in the number of four elements per 1.5 running meters of the lining.
  4. "C" class refers to such materials that have not only various external defects of the surface, but also differ in color along the entire length of the material.

Where is the lining used?

The purpose of the material depends on its type and class. So, for example, panels of their coniferous wood are excellent for interior decoration of premises. If you plan to trim the walls of the bathroom, then you should pay attention to the panel of oak.

Choosing a lining for the steam room bath, well suited panel of linden, alder or cedar. They not only contain in themselves healthy substances released during heating, but also have an excellent ability to withstand high temperatures and humidity.

Attention! Even with very high heat, shelves made from such panels are not fired.

For external walls, there is no fundamental value in the choice of the type of wood, the main thing is that it is treated with protective compounds from fire and water.

If the material is used for interior finishing of the house, it is necessary to pay special attention to the color match of all the panels used.


Lining is a universal material, which, due to its simplicity in installation and variety of species, attracts the consumer very much. Thanks to the natural beauty of the material, with the help of a lining you can create interiors filled with warmth and comfort.

Depending on their taste preferences and material potential, everyone can choose the ideal option for finishing your home.

On how to choose the right lining, in addition we learn in the next video

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