What is grillage

What is grillage

Rostvertk (from it "growth" - lattice and "verk" - building) - a design that implements a uniform load of the building on piles or foundation.

Rostvertk - history and modernity.

The first grillage was a grid of gratings, on which the flooring was laid. Modern grillage can be made of wood or concrete. Wooden are stacked on a pillow of rubble or gravel and used to build light buildings. Concrete is capable of withstanding heavy loads and is widely used in civil and industrial construction.


Classification of grills by level relative to the zero mark.

There are three types of grillage, depending on their location relative to the zero mark.

  • High, elevated or elevated grillage. Located well above the zero mark of soil or water and settling in port facilities, when building buildings on water or in wetlands. It is raised above the ground and as if hanging in the air, allowing to avoid damage to the building in case of flooding.
  • Elevated or ground grillage. It is arranged in such a way that its top is at the zero mark. Sometimes for its creation, the top layer is removed from the ground and a special soil is laid, which is resistant to swelling.
  • Low search for underground grillage. It is used in the construction of most industrial buildings and buildings. It is characterized by some depth below the zero mark of the layout. A small pit is digging under it, the bottom of which is covered with soil, which does not expand substantially when it freezes.

Types of grillage, depending on the piles used.

Grillage can be mixed on finished piles or on piles, formed during the construction process, there is also a variant of placement of grills on bored piles.

  • Grillage on ready-made piles connects specially prepared wooden poles, pipes, or reinforced concrete pillars.
  • Grillage on bored piles is formed by reinforcement and pouring concrete during construction. To create piles, metal or polymer pipes are used, inside of which metal fittings are installed, sand and rubble for pouring on the bottom, as well as a polymer film protecting the base of the pile from the impact of groundwater. The material for their pouring is high-strength concrete. After its hardening, the piles are joined together by grills, which are poured into the formwork and reinforced, if necessary.

What are the grillage methods by the method of arrangement?

There are different options for creating grillage. This can be a concrete strip created by casting into the formwork with or without reinforcement, or it may be a solid reinforced concrete slab connecting pillars or piles.

Grillage for light structures can be wooden beams, connecting piles themselves and being the supports for future walls of the house.

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