What is molding?

What is molding?

For modern solutions for the design of interiors and building facades, the use of elements of classical architectural styles, including moldings, is not alien. This is due to the monotonous perception of continuous planes of large dimensions, which creates uncomfortable sensations in people.

moldings in the interior

Moldings in the interior of the house

Moldings are called decorative planks of various configurations, which serve as platbands, plinths, cornices, framing for mirrors, wall panels, paintings, as well as all types of stucco moldings.

Types of profile products

General view and section of the molding

The materials used to make decor elements are at the moment quite diverse, which determines the scope and features of their application:

  • Gypsum moldings, as a rule, are massive and wide, executed in the form of stucco molding and are used mainly for decoration of facades and interiors in the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism and similar styles. Despite their relatively large weight, they are often used to decorate the upper parts of buildings.
Important! Products made of gypsum are used very rarely in connection with the emergence of new technologies that allow you to create any shapes and imitate any materials.
  • Wooden moldings are designed for decorating houses with walls of the same material. Such decor is decorated with carvings of different styles and is used mainly as platbands and cornices under the roof.
  • Metal products are used in the formation of modern facades and interiors, usually made in the style of hi-tech. Such a decor usually does not have a pattern and a relief - it is laconic. Forged products are mainly used in the design of input groups.
  • Polyurethane decoration - the most common and popular, due to its low weight, variety of shapes and the ability to imitate other materials. It is produced in a rigid and flexible version.

Metal molding
Metal molding

Application of moldings in construction and repair

These products can be used, both for decoration of buildings and during repair for creation of expressive interiors. The purpose of moldings is to mask minor construction defects, as well as the formation of expressive images of buildings and their internal spaces.

The use of moldings for the decoration of facades

Decoration of facade moldings

When decorating building exteriors, these products are often used for leveling wall defects and finishing them. Moldings frame the window and doorways. They are used to separate surfaces into curly sections, which can later be lined with different materials or painted in different colors. This technique can contribute to a visual increase in the facade.

Important! Products from modern materials can be safely used for exterior decoration. Foam plastic moldings, for example, have an impact resistant coating and a reinforcing layer. Styrofoam is resistant to mechanical damage and weathering.

Application for decoration of premises

To increase the expressiveness of the interiors of spacious rooms, efficient use of various types of moldings. The features of the formation of modern spaces, such as the widespread use of bizarre multi-level ceilings and complex wall configurations, make the task of achieving ideal surface joints practically impracticable. In this situation, a variety of decorative details come to the rescue, capable of hiding the problem areas behind them.

Decorating interior moldings
Decorating interior moldings

Important! The use of various profile shapes, pilasters, platbands, cornices allows to smooth out negative perception of sharp interfaces of planes, sharp corners, other dissonant features of space.

Moldings also perform the function of protecting the walls from accidental mechanical damage. For example, the location of decorative elements around the perimeter of the room at the appropriate level prevents possible contact of furniture with wall panels.

When using relief decor, due to the creation of the game of light and shade, the interior is enriched - this effect can not be achieved by other design techniques. At the same time, an atmosphere is formed that is comfortable in psychological terms. A variety of options for using moldings in interiors illustrates the video.

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