What is roller shutters

What is roller shutters

Very often, looking at the facades of houses, attention is drawn to metal curtains, closing windows or doors - rolling shutters. They represent a certain kind of blinds, which are designed to protect the house from penetration by intruders.

Also, roller blinds can be a good way to adjust the temperature regime inside the room. In closed form, blinds-rollets protect from bright sunlight, strong wind or rain, thus helping to create a comfortable microclimate in the house.

How the blinds work

To understand what the principle of this type of blinds is based on, it is worth considering in detail its main elements:

  • Roller shutter. This is a lamellar surface made of various materials and varies in size. The lamellas can be made of plastic, aluminum or steel;
    TheTip! As practice shows, those that are made of aluminum are the most resistant to destruction and durable rollers.
  • moving shaft. Provides the movement of the blade along the guides;
  • protective box. Called to preserve the integrity of the structure, protecting it from aggressive external influences;
  • The guides along which the roller shutter moves.

The appearance of roller blinds is quite simple. But thanks to a wide variety of color solutions, such designs will not only protect the house, but also become an ornament of the facade. Everyone will be able to be perfect for themselves, and in some cases, order an individual project for the manufacture of protective roller blinds.

Advantages of rolling systems

What are the advantages of using protective roller systems:

  1. Allow to prevent the penetration of the house of robbers and unauthorized persons.
  2. Provide additional heat and sound insulation at home.
  3. Easy installation and maintenance.
  4. A wide range of prices, allowing regardless of the financial possibilities to take advantage of all the benefits of roller blinds.
  5. A wide range of colors and shades of the product, allowing you to successfully enter the rolls for any style of the facade of the house.

Profiles of rolling systems

Roller Shutter Profiles are the first thing to look for when buying.

Let's consider three main types of profiles.

Lite option with foam filler. It is characterized by low weight and low price. Well cope with the task of heat preservation and noise insulation at home, but as a defense, choose a more robust version of the roller shutter.

Seamless, reinforced profile - the most successful option, to ensure the protection of the house from penetrating intruders. Has high strength and protection against burglary.

All-welded lattice profile very often you can find in shops, trays and other retail outlets. In addition to its basic protective function, roller shutters provide a fairly good overview of the interior space for customers.

Roller Shutter Functions

For today, it is very difficult to find a worthy alternative to roller shutters, because they combine a lot of very important functions.

Protection of home owners not only from the visit of uninvited guests, but also from extraneous views from the street. Closed shutters completely hide the inner spaces from the outside world, thus protecting the comfort, silence and tranquility in the house.

Protection from negative atmospheric phenomena, dust and noise. By adjusting the height of the lowered roller blinds, you can adjust the access of sunlight to the house. In the heat, this technique will help to keep the temperature cool, and in winter it will protect against snowstorm. Also, roller shutters can prevent the penetration of foreign sounds and dust into your home.

Attention! In a large city, such a problem is very acute, and the installation of roller blinds on windows and doors will help to solve it.

Saving money to pay for electricity. Protecting the house from penetration of direct sunlight, roller shutters ensure the maintenance of a comfortable microclimate in the house without the use of other appliances, such as air conditioning. Thus, you can save a lot of money to pay bills for electricity.

Ease of operation. Modern models of roller blinds are equipped with sensors for automatic control, which significantly improves the quality of use of this element.

Safety of operation. In addition to the fact that only environmentally friendly materials are used in the production of rolls, the ability to quickly open from within, at certain points, can be a salvation both for people and for the preservation of the material values ​​of the house.

Locking devices

The protective shutters are equipped with a number of locking devices designed not only to provide access from inside the house, but also to block the attempt of breaking from the street.

Consider the main types of locking mechanisms.

Side bolsters. The easiest way to close the shutters inside the house. To do this, you only need to shift the special levers to the center of the canvas.

Important! The installation of such a locking device does not require large investments and experience robots.

Lower locks. They are built into the lower bracket and play only from the key.

Top locks are mounted in the shaft, and their main purpose is to prevent the rolling of the rolling shutter. The top locks operate from the electric drive and are controlled by the control panel.

Electric lock with key combines the convenience of opening with the control panel and the possibility of fixing the roller shutter manually using a key.

The installation of roller shutters depends on where, in the window or door, the shutters will be installed, the way of their installation depends. As practice shows, the most practical and resistant to burglary is the installation of a roller shutter inside the opening along with the box.


Protective shutters are modern and stylish devices that can not only protect you and your home from various unpleasant external factors, but also bring individuality and style to the facade of the building.

How to independently install blinds-shutters on the windows, we learn in more detail in the next video

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