What is the quarter

What is the quarter

The city quarter is an integral part of urban planning. It is a building, usually surrounded by streets on four sides (sometimes from three). They form a general picture of the city.

Such architectural designs can be of different shapes (usually rectangular or square), they can consist of different number of arranged elements. Plots of land are in private or state ownership.

There are several types of urban neighborhoods:

  1. Residential - part of sleeping areas
  2. Business - business centers, company offices
  3. Shopping - a platform for the placement of boutiques, restaurants, various shops that meet all the needs of the population

Creating a Landscape

Proper creation of the urban quarter implies a qualitatively thoughtful arrangement of buildings, convenient infrastructure. However, we have such a trend is still far from reality. Basically, new facilities are built where there is a place for this.

Residential complexes with all amenities have a place to be, but there are not many of them, since the opportunity to purchase an apartment in such a place is not available to everyone. It is simpler for developers to build a multi-storey house with a lot for a small flower bed under the entrance and territory for the traffic. Everything is quite primitive, because it is cheap, profitable and affordable.

Disadvantages of city quarters

The main drawback of modern design is the lack of adequate parking spaces. Even in the central parts of the city, cars are left just on the roadside, which eventually leads to traffic jams and discontent among the population.

Another problem is landscaping. However sad it may be, it is very irresponsible to approach this issue. Old, parched trees stand for years and they can be removed only when they threaten security. For example, they can fall on the roadway or on a nearby building. New plants are also planted reluctantly.

Well, the biggest drawback can be called emergency buildings, which can not be counted. The presence of such unnecessary structures is a great danger. To demolish them, and then to build something useful to society, often there is not enough money. Thus, they become the object of an accumulation of extreme youth, which can lead to disastrous consequences.

These are the residential complexes that are currently being built:

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